The property you're inquiring about has open, active Codes Compliance Cases that are being investigated by Codes staff. For more information about the action being taken on specific Codes cases, you may call that department directly at 727-893-7373.

The larger question here seems to be 'Why does it seem like the City is taking no action in response to the Codes issue report I made on SeeClickFix?', and to answer that would require an explanation of the enforcement process that is set forth as part of city statute.

This process can be, depending on each individual situation, very involved and time consuming. Much investigation and legal documentation may be required, and what might appear to be a simple case of 'my neighbor isn't mowing their lawn' could turn into many months of legal notices, enforcement board hearings, lien assessments, and other various steps. While it may look like nothing is happening, the process is being followed in a way that protects both the rights of the citizen and those of the City.

A thorough description of the process may be found (in PDF format) here, on the City's Codes website:

Additional information about the Codes Compliance Department may be found on their main page, as well:

The Codes enforcement process is clearly a complicated one, and the steps in the process are there for a reason. These steps can sometimes be amended or updated when necessary, so if you feel that is the situation in the case of a specific property, then be sure to contact the Codes Compliance Department and share your feedback.

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