Company Clerk

Short Answer; NO.
Situation 1... If everyday they park legally on their property and use the public streets for overflow, there is no law being broken.
Situation 2... If they are having a special event at their home and park extra vehicles on their lawn... Then YOU as a good neighbor allow this. Events may include Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Chanukah, Easter, July 4th, Veterans Day, Wakes, Anniversary, etc.
Situation 3... If they park illegally on a regular basis and it is not for the reasons above... If you know them and like them you may offer an extra parking place on your property to resolve the issue and become better neighbors. If you know then and DON'T like them, call the police every chance you get!

someone down the street

I wonder the same question why is it that there is a house across the street from me and omg it looks like a car lot when they come home and the city does not give a @#$% about it, the city of st.pete is a joke the code inforcement lady play favors and punish the wrong people and let the one's who need to be punished get away which I think is @#$%, the st.pete police are a joke too, they rather sit on there fat @#$% and est donuts then help the people who really need help, !!!!


Yard Parking is illegal no exceptions.......why sugar coat a big problem this city is having. Anybody parks on my lawn I have them towed. they don't park there anymore. The police will only ticket on the street side of the sidewalk, and from what I understand city can ticket anytime. It should be city can ticket and police can ticket yard parking. , rude and ignorant...I too have a car lot across the street and they have been to court at least 50 times and fined. and they still park there in their crap of a hole they have made for themselves. so The Mayor needs to rethink the way this very important ordinance is cited and FIX IT! Every one passes the buck and ends up archived and never FIXED .Time to step up and take care of this awful issue that plagues the city .

Company Clerk

Does anyone know of a Tow company that will sign a contract with individual homeowners to remove cars? I had a car blocking my gated driveway. It took the police one hour and 4 minutes to get the vehicle moved. I missed my medical appointment and the police said that I could not have it towed as it was 'ON THE STREET'.
If anyone blocked a driveway of an elected official... Double Standards?

Concerned Neighbor

I agree with all the folks that have commented on this post. Too many people who don't care about the appearance of their neighborhood/street live within Shore Acres. It's really sad when you have a street where half of the folks take care of their homes and lawns and obey parking laws, etc. and then you have the other half of the street that just doesn't care! What amazes me the most - THIS AFFECTS RESALE VALUE AND THE OVERALL ATTRACTIVENESS OF THESE NEIGHBORHOODS. No wonder so many people are selling their homes for below market value just to get out of here.


hate to say it but i have to agree, seen people store broken cars, trucks, boats, and more all thru their yard and then when forced they'll park it all up and down the street , not bad for the running vehicles but the boats and various other stuff can be a major safety issue, blocking sight of roads and pedestrians in the area, especially kids playing, among other reasons pointed out by others as well.

in my mind normal vehicles only on the road for parking, anything else should go in driveway or backyard that way the effect on your fellow neighbors and your neighborhood is at a min in my opinion

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