The response from Company Clerk is probably correct but doesn't make sense. It is clear the alleys were at one time paved. So the decision to stop maintaining them had to be made at some point. Further, the fact that heavy vehicles travel on them would seem to make it a safety issue as well.

I've asked about this before. I was told that neighbors on both sides of the alley would have to agree to it. And I might not remember this correctly, but I seem to remember getting the impression that the neighbors would either have to pay for it ourselves or that we'd wind up with a higher tax assessment.

I wish I knew. I can't even get the paving dept. to blade or alley. It's full of pot holes and partial blacktop from years prior.

The word you are looking for is "Commitment" . As an unpaved alley (or cobblestone) has a much lower priority lever than a paved one. Since more than likely city garbage trucks use the alley then paving it has to meet specific criteria for vehicle weight which is to say the least, 'Costly'. As a dirt road there is no criteria and thus no cost.

affirmative action.

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