Depends... If it is a stranger's vehicle on your lawn, you call the police, they stop by about 20 minutes later and then they seek out the owner and tell them not to do it again... Until next time. If it is one of your neighbors who park on their own front lawn, the police can do nothing. You must call Codes. They send someone out within 72 hours, decide if something is amiss then go back to their office to do paperwork. They can then get a letter ready to send to your neighbor about what he/she is doing wrong and then give them time to resolve the matter OR the neighbor writes them back and explains why he/she is doing what they are doing and Codes rethinks what they wrote in the first letter and sends them back a reply. All in All it could take as much as 3 or 4 weeks... Sorry for the length of this but wanted to let you know facts.

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