Can someone park in front of my house all the time ? My neighbor said that the person who rent an apt uses the driveway

Company Clerk

I agree with Bowie. If it is public parking in front of your home, then yes, anyone can park there. Is the person renting from you who uses your driveway?


There is no much missing information in this that it is really hard to answer this appropriately. Where you live, the type of neighborhood, as well as street structure play a large role into parking offenses. Considering that unless you have a marked zone for your home, on-street parking is first come, first serve AND is not designated to the homes along that street. No city code or ordnance states if a vehicle has a time limit for street parking; however, immobilized vehicles (broken down, no plates, etc) can create issues. If you feel unsafe or if you feel the vehicle is immobilized, you can call the non-emergency police number and ask for it to be looked into.


any vehicle left in the same spot can be towed by the police. Trick is when calling the police you need to say abandoned vehicle.City codes says if it is in the same spot for 72 hours it is considered abandoned.

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