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How do I Edit profile?


Click on your profile & choose preferences from the drop down menu

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can i park a company vehicle at my house? Just moved in off 38th ave se in coquina key.

Company Clerk

Unless you live in a section of the key that prohibits 'marked' vehicles or certain vehicle...<a href="/st-petersburg/questions/5472-can-i-park-a-company-vehicle-at-my-house-Just-moved-in-off-38th-ave-se-in-coquina-key">Read more &#187;</a>

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Why is Arcadia Gardens Crime Watch folks reporting vehicles parked in front lawns but don't walk around at night when real crime is active??

Company Clerk

I am guessing that one of your 'Crime Watchers' has a bug up there butt about where vehicles are parked.