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street lights

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How long does it take to respond to reports on cars parked on lawns?

Company Clerk

Depends... If it is a stranger's vehicle on your lawn, you call the police, they stop by about 20 minutes lat...<a href="/st-petersburg/questions/5175-How-long-does-it-take-to-respond-to-reports-on-cars-parked-on-lawns">Read more &#187;</a>

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Why does the city insist on spending money blading an alley over and over but yet won't spend the money to pave it correctly once?


The response from Company Clerk is probably cor...<a href="/st-petersburg/questions/4492-Why-does-the-city-insist-on-spending-money-blading-an-alley-over-and-over-but-yet-won-t-spend-the-money-to-pave-it-correctly-once">Read more &#187;</a>

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How do I set up a meeting with tthe city regarding the lack of response or resolution to my reported issues that have existed for months?

Roser Park Resident

Hi James, The head of Codes is Rob Gerd...<a href="/st-petersburg/questions/4478-How-do-I-set-up-a-meeting-with-tthe-city-regarding-the-lack-of-response-or-resolution-to-my-reported-issues-that-have-existed-for-months">Read more &#187;</a>