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where do I get hex block pavers?

Thank You Fixit

I don't think what you are looking for are sold at Home Depot and Lowes. This local company has them: https://carrollsbuildingmaterials.com/landscape-products/pavers-profiles-finishes/classic-hexagon-pavers/

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Is there a restriction on how bright outside lights are when on at night?

Company Clerk

I do not know of any ordinance that limits the amount of brightness, but I do know that if it shines i...<a href="/st-petersburg/questions/5694-Is-there-a-restriction-on-how-bright-outside-lights-are-when-on-at-night">Leggi altro &#187;</a>

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How do i stop email notifications? I get too many from all areas of the City. Looked for a profile, all I found is preferences, no options.


You need to unsubscribe from the watch area. You can find it in the email you receive.