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Can someone fix the Malden's Promise app link on this page? It appears to be broken.

City of Malden

We have been informed that they have discontinued this app. We will be updating the web page. Thanks for the heads up.

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Where can I dispose of broken unusable furniture?

Robert P. Knox Jr. (Director of Public Works)

You can put out one bulk item per week for free on your trash day. If you have any questions call me at 7813892524


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Do I need a permit in Malden to extend an existing deck?

Nelson Miller (Director of Permits, Inspections & Planning)

A permit is required to extend an existing deck. You can apply for the permit electronically at and then under the Permits, Inspections, and Planning Department.

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What is the legal temperature for hot water in a residential building? I am a renter.

Christopher Webb (Director of Public Health)

410.190: Hot Water
The owner shall provide and maintain in good operating condition the facil...<a href="/us-ma-malden/questions/5782-What-is-the-legal-temperature-for-hot-water-in-a-residential-building-I-am-a-renter">Read more &#187;</a>

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Who do I reach if a roadway construction damaged my fence and broke a tree down my property?

Robert P. Knox Jr. (Director of Public Works)

Contact City Engineer Yem Lip at