• 525 Washington Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Queen Village
    525 Washington has a zoning variance to run a restaurant on the ground floor, but the kitchen vent is required to stay inside the building up to the roof. The new vent pictured here (rear of property) partly completed is not within code and is the latest in a series of violations of good faith promises made by the zoning variance applicants.
  • 1040 S. Randolph St Philadelphia, PA - Queen Village
    The abandoned lot at 1040 S. Randolph St has not been maintained all summer. The lot is infested with overgrown weeds and is housing a good deal of trash.
  • 1042 S. Randolph St Philadelphia, PA - Queen Village
    On Saturday morning, a truck of men pulled up and began pulling out and tearing out the inside of the apartment behind Dragon City. This work continued well into Saturday and Sunday. It seems new drywall has been put up and a family is already occupying the premises. The people who used to occupy and run Dragon City vacated very quickly. Debris were left all over the road.
  • 545-599 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Queen Village
    Dragon City restaurant is dumping there unused food on the abandoned lot at 1040 S. Randolph St.