Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 2,135
  • 100 - 28th Street E Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    Since when is it okay for people to pass a stopped vehicle on the left side. Or for a driver to zip past all other drivers on the right hand side because they are too inpatient to wait for the drivers ahead to make a left hand turn. We need more officers on the road in the Enforcement area to curb all of these accidents we are seeing on our roads. T
  • 1084 Central Avenue Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    I believe it is time that we as Prince Albertans take a hard look at the leadership of our city. In the 21st century while many cities are looking at ways to improve the standard of living, our mayor Jim Scarrow sits on his hands and appears to do nothing. The current city council seems to be nothing more than a social club that rarely if ever is able to resolve any problem facing our city, instead they chase smaller issues around claiming victory if they are able to fix anything (potholes). Mayor Scarrow is a dead end municipal politician with no real aspirations or determination within himself to assist Prince Albert in becoming a key-player in the Saskatchewan economy. Please remember next year when the time comes to vote, take a long hard look at the candidates and ask questions so that we are not stuck in a worse situation then we are now.
  • 28th Street E. Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    I think that the amount of people with their stereo's cranked up so high that they shake the walls of peoples houses need to stop. Not everyone wants to hear what you are listening too. Again where are the police to enforce the law and bylaws?
  • Central Avenue Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    I have recently noticed that the speeds in which people have been travelling on Central Avenue seem to be escalating. While I am doing 50 which is the posted limit those who were at the stop sign ahead of me take off like a rocket. I would hope that police start following through with Traffic Enforcement instead of letting the crazy drivers own the roads.
  • 1200 24th St W - Opawakoscikan
    I came into the hospital about a week ago after falling and seriously hurting my left knee. I arrived at 930 pm and waited very patiently until my turn to get into the emergency room at 3:30 am. Once there not once did a nurse come in and ask me how I was doing. I waited in the actual emergency room until 530 in the morning. Still hadnt spoken to a nurse or a doctor. Finally after becoming irritated I stood up put on my jacket and hobbled to my vehicle and went home. I am sure that they could have asked me if there was anything that they could do to help make me feel more comfortable. The triage nurse reported me as Semi-Urgent on the triage form. It is to the point know that going to the hospital in Prince Albert only does one thing... and that is stops you from recieving a full night of sleep.