Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 995
  • Bond Street Oakland, CA - Fremont
    I am writing in response to Public Works service request # 442431. This issue was closed in my last response. My husband just called to let me know the issue was not resolved. He has been waiting at the light for nearly 15 minutes heading north on Bond Street, turning left on 42nd Avenue. The current time is 8:22pm. He left at around 8:00pm. The light is only two blocks away. The issue seems to start at or around 7pm in the evening. Drivers have to run the red light in order to proceed the right of way.
  • 23rd Ave Ovp Oakland, CA - South Kennedy Tract
    Large amounts of graffiti on walls both North and Southbound between 23rd Avenue & Oak Street on 880. It would be nice if camera's can be set up by Caltrans, in order to catch the perpetrators. Tagger's names can also be identified, by looking them up online, via flickr, instagram, pinterest.
  • 801-855 42nd Avenue Oakland, CA - Fruitvale Station
    Graffiti on 42nd Ave under 880 freeway overpass. Starting under overpass at E. 12th Street going towards E. 8th Street.