Buster B!

  • 420 Macdade Boulevard Folsom, PA - Folsom
    On 6/22/11 there were 3 cars with "For Sale" signs on them. Why are they allowed to leave their cars in this lot for extended periods of time?
  • 3601 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA - Marconi Plaza-Packer Park
    Why are the traffic lights blinking on the day of Phillies game at rush hour in the afternoon? For those of us that park here for the Broad Street Line it's a nightmare trying to leave and Phillies traffic coming in. Having the traffic lights disabled makes matters worse. Yet in the morning these same traffic lights are operational. It doesn't make any sense. These lights should always be working.
  • 1-93 W Rodgers St Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    I understand the train needs to blow the horn when crossing this intersection, but is it necessary to blow the horn continuously and multiple times when most residents are trying to sleep(10p-7a).
  • 217 Edgewood Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    I have called Ridley Township multiple times and each time I am told it's the homeowner's responsibility. Yet in Holmes one of their driveways got repaired by the township. How bad does it have to get before Ridley Township will fix our driveway? What are my taxes paying for anyway?
  • 400-434 Macdade Blvd Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    When using the pedistrian cross light, you get about half way across MacDade Blvd when the walk sign goes away. This is not enough time for a parent with children or people crossing with bags from the Pathmark to cross. Can the walk time be extended?
  • 214 Willowbrook Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    House up for sale by Century 21, if you could see the sign through the thigh high grass. Multiple neighbors have called Century 21 and they refuse to do anything but notify the homeowner, which is a foreclosure. So what are the chances that the homeowner will come back & cut the grass. Please call Century 21 @ 610.586.1300 or 484.318.3121 to complain.
  • 8513-8527 Bartram Ave Philadelphia, PA 19153, USA - Eastwick
    There is a huge crater of a pothole. Caused at least 2 cars to get flats and is still there.
  • Old Virgo Location Across From Acme Shopping Center - Woodlyn
    These 2 lots are a disgrace. The grass & bushes are getting overgrown and now PECO and other trucks are parking there in the mornings. Why is Ridley Township allowing this to happen? Call them @ 610-534-4800.
  • I95 Northbound On Ramp - US Congressional District PA1
    There are 2 potholes on the northbound on ramp for I95
  • 2nd Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    There are 3 pot holes in the driveway that 200 Willowbrook/Edgwood share.