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  • 8610 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Chestnut Hill
    A newspaper vendor is selling the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News from a portable news vending stand in the middle of Germantown Ave. between Bethlehem Pike and Evergreen Ave. He is usually there in the morning at 8am until about 10am. He has also posted advertisements to the utility poles and light standards along the 8600 block of Germantown Ave. This is clearly a traffic hazard. The man stands in middle of the street during some of the busiest traffic times of the day. The ads that he has posted and secured with plastic tie string are a violation of the city's ordinance which prohibit "bandit signs" or "Street Spam."
  • 100 Through 300 West Evergreen Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Chestnut Hill
    The blocks between Shawnee and Navajo Streets are very often used as a speedway by motorists. The posted speed limit on this street is 25mph. Cars are often seen speeding on this small one-way street faster than 40mph. The curve at the end of the block is posted at 10mph because it is a blind curve at nearly 90 degrees. It is very rare that a vehicle makes this left turn below 30mph. The stone wall and the steel posts at the curve are struck by speeding vehicles a number of times a year. The poles are painted brown so they are invisible at night. Suggestion: paint white reflective stripes on the poles so that they will be visible at night. Violators should be cited and fined for excessive speed violations.
  • 200 W. Evergreen Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Chestnut Hill
    The "One-Way" sign on W. Evergreen Ave. and Shawnee St. is pointing east. It should be pointing west. It was most likely knocked off the post when the street was resurfaced on June 24th and June 25th. This could pose some serious traffic problems on the unit block as it opens to the SEPTA Chestnut Hill West Regional Rail parking lot and vehicles from the parking lot would run into vehicles turning east on Evergreen Ave. Not a good thing.
  • 100 Block Of East Coulter St. And Lena St. Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    A dumpster has been placed on the sidewalk in front of a neighborhood bodega located at Lena and Coulter St. The business is known as the Ramirez Variety store. This is clearly a violation of L & I regulations that require that the dumpster be placed in an enclosure and not accessible to general public.
  • Germantown Ave. Between Ashmead St. And Price St. Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    Two young men were spotted attaching notices for a "party" on the Traffic Standards, Utility Poles and Street Light Fixtures on Germantown Ave. Between Ashmead St. and Price St. this afternoon. The notices advertised a party at 1523 Courtland St, April 22nd at 8PM. The notice gives a YouTube address: YoungBok215 and a Google Address: Bev7Entertainment and they were kind enough to leave a phone #215-621-7170. I removed as many as I could. The rest will have to wait. The onslaught of street spam is a plague. This was reported to 911. Hopefully they'll be caught. Two males in their late teens carrying stacks of brightly colored paper and a mailing tape dispensers shouldn't be too difficult to spot.
  • 5300 Through 5600 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    Sometime between 11AM Monday,4-18-11 and 9AM Tuesday, 4-19-11 someone posted signs on almost every traffic standard and light fixture on Germantown Ave. between Penn St and Armat St. The signs read "JUNK CARS" 267-784-3100. I was able to remove the signs that were attached with staples but the culprit ingeniously attached some of the signs to metal with a strong adhesive. These signs are known as street spam or snipe and they are distracting to motorists, they really detract from the aesthetics of the avenue and they are hideously ugly. I'd love to catch this creep in the act.
  • 26 E. Coulter St Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    PGW and PWD performed maintenance in front of the Cunningham Piano Co. Factory on East Coulter St. in December 2010. For the past 4 months the 2 excavation sites have not been finished and one even has wooden planks covering the hole in the pavement. There are white plastic caution barriers at the 2 sites but they are knocked down every night. This has been a pedestrian hazard since before Christmas,2010.
  • 5300 Block Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    The property located between Holsey Temple and the Germantown Friends School Parking lot on the east side of Germantown Ave is now a vacant lot that has become a short dumping site and is filled with litter. At this time there no one that is responsible for the maintenance of this property and it has been left to gather trash and litter.
  • 26 E. Coulter St Philadelphia, PA 19144 - Germantown
    A trash dumpster has been placed by Cunningham Piano Co. on the street. This was placed there before Christmas, 2010 because of PGW work on the sidewalk. The problem has been corrected but the dumpster has remained in place for 3 months. It is a magnet for short dumping, graffiti tagging and when it was placed there in the past it was actually set ablaze. This dumpster is a safety hazard and a sanitation hazard. Cunningham is aware of this problem but they have not bothered to do anything about it.
  • 40 E. Coulter St. Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    ATVs are being raced on the street on East Coulter St. between Germantown Ave. and Lena St. usually after 5PM by adolescent males