Rick Ztul

Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 4,010
  • Pothole Archived
    1635 Briarwood Road Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    Pothole on Briarwood 100 yards from Buford in southbound lane.
  • Pothole Archived
    3152 Ashford Dunwoody Road Brookhaven, GA - Brookhaven
    Potholes in southbound lane in this area.
  • Pothole Archived
    Ashford Dunwoody And Donaldson Drive Brookhaven, GA - Brookhaven
    Pothole in the north bound lane of Ashford Dunwoody at Donaldson.
  • Illegal Signs Archived
    Citywide Brookhaven, GA - Brookhaven
    Over the past couple of weeks there has been a proliferation of illegal signage on Brookhaven streets. Specifically, Roots & Brews, Brookhaven Chili Cook-Off, Brookhaven Arts Festival, several businesses and a local doctor have illegal signage cluttering up roadway right of ways. Is it possible for this illegal signage to be removed? This is not a line of sight issue, it is a clutter issue.
  • 1218 Ragley Hall Brookhaven, GA - Brookhaven
    Motor home parked on sidewalk in residential neighborhood.
  • Coosawattee Drive Brookhaven, GA - Brookhaven
    This is not a line of sight issue, but it does interfere with traffic utilizing the proper road lane in its entirety. Please address and maintain the obvious ROW vegetation. The area of concern is on the right hand side of Coosawattee as you travel from Telford to Briarwood. Please advise when this will be addressed.
  • Windsor Parkway Between Mabry And Osborne Brookhaven, GA - Brookhaven
    ROW vegetation needs to be cut on Windsor Parkway between Mabry and Osborne on the southern side of the road. Please advise when this can be scheduled.
  • Illegal Signs Archived
    Windsor Parkway & Mabry Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    Illegal signs placed at this intersection.
  • Wimberly Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    dips in roadway at 1067 and 1073. In fromt od last house before Osborne previous road patch has sunk creating road hazzard.
  • Dip In Road Archived
    Osborne & Oakbrook Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    Dip in north bound lane of Osborne
  • Dresden & Fernwood Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    Drain grate in road is skewed.
  • Dip In Road Archived
    Dresden & Wayland Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    Dip in road just east of this intersection.
  • Windsor Parkway And Hermance Drive Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    Sidewalk repair. Sidewalk in bad condition.
  • 1294 Windsor Parkway Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    Two patches failing and pothole next to drain.
  • 1380 Windsor Parkway Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    Previous road patch sinking
  • 1786-1812 I- 85 Access Road Northeast Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    Previous Repair Needs To Be Excavated & Repaired
  • Pothole Archived
    1671-1689 Briarwood Road Northeast Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
  • Pothole Archived
    2288 Drew Valley Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
  • Pothole Archived
    Popular Springs & Drew Valley Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
  • 1460 Bates Ct. Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    Cracking Pavement