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    341 Main Street Canton, Georgia - Canton
    A tree limb fell on a car last evening causing damage at 341 Main St. Caller states that it looks like another branch may fall and suggests that the dead branch be removed before falling or parking place blocked so no one else parks there until the issue is resolved.
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    151 Elizabeth Street City Hall Canton, Georgia - Canton
    A limb fell near the bird bath on the left side of City Hall... the limb is about 25 feet long and will require a chain saw to cut since the base is about 20" around.
  • 290-398 Scott Mill Road Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Need brush pick up at cemetery
  • 146 Big Oak Drive Canton, Georgia - US Congressional District GA6
    Canton's Community Garden - Limb in Pecan tree needs to be cut down. Needs to be remove asap by Friday, 8/7/15. Thank you.
  • Other Open
    631 Scott Mill Rd Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Tree on city right of way is leaning on another tree and is about to fall onto the property at 631 Scott Mill.
  • 5001-5045 Governors Walk Drive Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Trim back vegetation at the Governor's Walk entrance on Hwy 20; visibility being obstructed.
  • 291 And 301 E. Main St. Canton, Georgia - Canton
    I received a call from a man who fell at 301 E. Main and was injured. I looked at 301 as well as 291 and the water meters at both locations are set in the sidewalk which has cracked , broken, and sunken. In addition, there is a metal rod sticking up in the grassy section for no apparent reason other than to trip someone. Please help.
  • 140 Juniper St Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Received complaint from Citizen that the right-of-ways have not been cut this year.