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Thank You
Thanks for fixing this issue!
REALLY making it hard to do business on Orange Street when your customers can't park on your street.
This is still happening when Gateway lets out a bunch of classes so I won't close it. If I am mistaken in what I heard at all the meetings prior to moving Gateway downtown then someone should correct me. They should also explain why getting folks out of the garage is more important than me and others getting to our destinations.
Issue Closed
Still there but hasn't fallen so must be strong enough.
I'm closing this as an issue but it remains an indication of the greater issue - the way the tow company drivers in New Haven operate with complete disregard of traffic laws and safety. And that they seemingly operate without any fear of consequence. They drive how they want. They park where they want. They are like vultures circling our city.
Was just sent a reminder to see if this was closed. However, I never received notice that it was even acknowledged. So no... it is not closed. And I suspect it is not an isolated incident.
Photo didn't come thru but truck was from Crown Towing.
Issue Closed
Tree probably fell by now.
Issue Closed
I thought Traffic and Parking would close these when they fixed them.
Issue Closed
Been open too long. I'm sure they've fixed it by now.
Issue Closed
Don't know if this has been fixed but it has been so long I'm assuming it is no longer an issue.
Drove by the other day and it seems like someone tried to paint over them but if the light is just right (which it was that day) it is still a bit confusing.
Issue Closed
I'm assuming it was fixed but I no longer park over there nor do I still use a Parkmarx card.
I posted this awhile ago under "#9003 Traffic Light Out of Sync" and only got it acknowledged. Perhaps we can get some attention from this one.
This appears to be getting worse. Now when you get a green on northbound Winthrop at Derby it is impossible to get across the 200ft and make the light at Chapel before it turns red without speeding. It is the same for southbound Winthrop at Chapel making it across to Derby. As a result, 2 or more cars will run the red light.

Once again you are wrong Mr. No No! By posting on this site the information on who to contact was provided, several other residents in the neighborhood were informed of an issue, and LCI was notified to keep an eye on the property.

Stop being so damned negative!!! Stop trying to tell others what to do or how we should use a tool designed to be user defined!!!

Big Tim and Jo No are mistaken. Go back and look at what the site says is their purpose (Click "How It Works" above.) Here's an excerpt:

Governments and other entities responsible for the public space (such as utilities AND PROPERTY OWNERS) become more accountable to the public by acknowledging problems and providing effective communication about solutions. [CAPS are mine]

Mandy is a property owner that several community members have an issue with and are reporting as encouraged by the city administration. That is EXACTLY what this site is for. If you only limit it to reports of "potholes and graffitti" (your spelling) then you are wasting a perfectly useful tool. It also suggests that you haven't really been paying attention to how folks are using the site.

Issue Closed

I am closing this for now because of appreciation for the rapid response with the sting. However, prostitution continues in this area. The next time I see a large group like what prompted this report originally I will open a new ticket.

THANK YOU NHPD!!! Please continue to monitor this area.

Issue Reopened
This is still not fixed. In fact I think the station is getting stronger. It now interferes with my home radio too.