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The only people who are going to be able to stop the violence and crime happening in our communities are the people who are committing the acts of violence and crime in our communities. The rest of us have to convince them to stop. It's not going to happen unless we directly engage them... build relationships with them... understand what they want and push them to go after it.

I don't think we need more programs. I think we need to fund the ones that make real impact. More importantly I think we need to fund the PEOPLE who are on the ground making direct differences.

There have been numerous studies and plans for calming traffic on Rt. 10 from Kimberly Ave to Skiff St in Hamden. The only thing I've seen come from them are the 'rubber duckies' in the southbound turn lane onto Legion Ave. They've helped a bit but it is still very dangerous crossing there.

West River Memorial Park is virtually inaccessible for most residents. There is a crosswalk at North Frontage but you have to risk your life on Rt 34 to get to it. There is a crosswalk at Derby Ave. In neither crosswalk is there a welcoming entrance into the park. There's no gate. I believe you have to step over a small fence and tumble down a hill to get in. And should you make it to the crosswalks, to cross EBG into the park on foot you need to be quick and a bit suicidal.

We don't have much in our neighborhoods to keep our kids active and occupied. We can't afford to build community centers in every neighborhood and if we could get the facilities we can't afford the staff. We forget that we already have community centers. We have our parks. It's a shame we can't get to them.

Issue Closed
The street never got plowed but I'm closing this because nature took care of it. At least residents can still depend on nature. ;)
The plows NEVER touched this street and it is still barely passable. The day of the original report there were no cars parked on the odd side of the street. Several of the surrounding streets were plowed but the truck never went down Irving.
Issue Reopened
I'm reopening this. I got the interference the last few nights (after 7p.m.) usually driving west on Chapel from downtown. It starts around Howe and continues to my driveway on Winthrop. Heard it last night. Not as strong but still there.
Actually it is like this all the way up to Whalley. We moved our cars to the even side during the ban but it looks like all that happened was the 5 foot high piles of snow were knocked down to 3 foot high piles of ice. You still can't get 2 cars down the street side-by-side in most spots.
@Doug: YES but maybe with a No Left from Southbound Church onto Center.
It is almost impossible to see how to turn onto Church during rush hour, especially this time of year. Buses at the stop, people crossing to the buses and cars always double parked in the right lane on Church St. increase the danger. Also to get from George St. to the parking lot on Center takes up to 10 minutes in the morning because you have to go 3 blocks (all the way to Chapel) to get to it.

I reported to the FCC and this is what I got back from them. I like how they felt it necessary to yell "SUBMITTED BY BROADCASTERS" at me.)

*********************************************************** to me Dec 28 (2 days ago)

You are receiving this email in response to your inquiry to the FCC.

Dear Kevin Ewing:

This letter is in response to your inquiry concerning interference to Broadcast Station.

If you believe a licensed broadcast station's signal is experiencing interference, you may consider contacting the affected station. If the station operator believes an interference condition exists, the operator may contact the FCC.

The FCC will investigate interference complaints SUBMITTED BY BROADCASTERS

If you have any further questions, please contact our Consumer Information Center at 1-888-CALL-FCC/1-888-225-5322 or TTY at 1-888-835-5322/1-888-TELL-FCC. Information can also be accessed via the Internet at

Representative Number : PCC52

This has been happening for at least a couple years. Now it appears to be getting worse. I used to be able to get a clear signal in my house but the last few days it even comes in over my home stereo. I've gotten the interference as far south as Legion Ave, as far east as Church (on an overcast day) and as far north as Division. I never paid attention going west. It seems to be concentrated along the Whalley corridor.

Never noticed this post before nor would I have cared until I recently started parking on Center. I'm usually leaving at the evening rush hour and feel like I'm taking my life in my hands every time I try to turn right onto Church.

Flip it.

Issue Closed
I guess there really isn't anything to be done about this since NHPD doesn't enforce traffic laws. People will be free to drive any way they darn well please until we change the culture in our city.
Issue Closed
I am closing this even though it was never even acknowledged or any indication that 'authorities' even looked at it.
Flash Mob!!! Let's just show up and do it.

Thanks GregL. I'm aware of this. 2 things. First the city is spending money to have SCF be the front end to their work order system. I know traffic and parking monitors the site and is one of the few that uses it regularly.

My second reason for posting instead of calling is that I sent this from my mobile. I have unlimited data but I pay for phone minutes. I'm not going to pay to park AND pay for the time calling them to report the meter. Especially since I may never park at the meter again in the next year.

But I appreciate your response and willingness to offer help.

Went by there today and had no problem seeing the light. Looks like fresh cuts on the tree so I'm saying the issue is closed.
Which light? I mean which direction are you traveling? I cross that intersection every day also but don't recall having an issue seeing the light. Perhaps I'm going the wrong way.
Issue Closed
Closed for now after NHPD sting a couple days ago.
I walk/ride/drive through there daily. Heck, I LIVE a few doors down from there and have NEVER been propositioned by a prostitute. (Maybe they know I don't have any money.) Still, I see them out there and am glad that the police are trying to put a stop to it. As residents we will do all that we can to help up to and including trying to get our fellow residents (who for some reason(s) have decided that the only way to survive is to sell their bodies) to the help they need.

Still an issue. I gave homeowner the number to UI but he must not have called yet or they did not do anything. I'll stop by and check with him again.

The beauty of using something like SCF as the citizen interface with the various agencies - public and private - responsible for keeping our city safe and vibrant then places like UI have to also adopt it. I think it is LUDICROUS to force citizens to try to navigate the convoluted paths of our governance systems on their own. Especially when the people running and supporting that system often can't do it. It is far better to have a place where you toss up your issue and those with the power/responsibility to 'fix' it are notified, coordinated and get it done. This way I only have to have one thing to remember as my reporting channel. It also allows us to aggregate better similar issues in relative locations to look for trends. Further it gives us a single place to compile and store issues reported and their resolutions so that we can monitor the effectiveness our our governance systems.

In other words, I shouldn't have to try to figure out whether this tree is a UI or Public Works or Parks Dept problem. To me it's a tree on the lines in front of a house. If it falls on the lines then a lot of us will be out of power, property will be damaged and (god forbid) someone is hurt. I really don't have the time to hunt around for numbers or deal with the standard bureaucratic run around one often gets in the quest for satisfaction or relief. That frustrates citizens and causes them to disengage, become bitter and abandon their individual roles in the governance of our city.

(Hmmm... maybe I should have posted this rant on the blog not here. Sorry.) I'll give the homeowner the number to UI.