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Trees still dead and still standing.
Issue Closed
Issue Closed
Removed but new garbage is starting to appear.
Issue Closed
These is nothing to see, click or fix here (except perhaps the perspective of the original poster.)

Were you able to get down the street or did you have to back up and drive around the block? Did you make it to where you wanted to go without getting car jacked, robbed, or forced to buy drugs? Did anybody shoot at you?

If you want to live your life afraid of every child in your neighborhood then that is your choice. I'll tell you this, though. They are out there having fun and living their lives as best they can while you're at home locked in your house complaining on a website about your neighbors because they inconvenienced you a little bit and you're scared.

I'm done with this conversation. Goodbye.

Isn't having kids playing in the street a traffic calming measure?
Was still there Saturday. Now also has a few other items of furniture with it.
zeadd1969 I also live in the area and know a number of people with gardens in their small spaces including pots on their porches. I know folks with chickens. Maybe you're the one that needs to take another look at your neighborhood.

This is great! I will be sending my info to get on the list. There are several of us who live and work in the West River neighborhood banding together to make our community stronger and more vibrant. I'm hoping we can figure out we can work together with the board to bring back this community asset.

Add me and I'm alerting my elected officials and those running against them.

@CM: Are you on our mailing list to find out about the things we're doing to make our West River neighborhood stronger?

A few of us will be working at Monitor Park Wednesday evening starting around 5:45. You should pop over and say hi.

Or meet us at 730 George Street for our monthly meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, 7/27) at 6.

So what you all are saying is that a PUBLIC park should be made inaccessible to a significant portion of the PUBLIC? Why don't we just burn it down so that NOBODY can access it.

Locking the gates or closing the park is NOT the answer. Inviting more people to USE the park as it was intended will bring more eyes into the park.

Furthermore, the folks who live in the projects near the park are not necessarily the ones dumping there. And being poor and living in subsidized housing does NOR automatically make you a trash dumper, thug or undesirable!!! I've seen more thugs, dumpers and people I have no desire to spend time with at Yacht and Country Clubs than I have in the projects. And I've seen INFINITELY more 'illegal activity' that hurts more people happening in corporate board rooms than I've ever seen in the projects.

Same reason I closed it before.

Thank you Joanne for taking care of the plants in the monument. I do want to correct you on 2 things:

1. Reporting things on SCF is not 'complaining.' This is a tool designed specifically for residents to report things that are amiss in our neighborhoods. If we never complained we would never have anything.

2. I live down the street from the monument and see it everyday. In fact most of us on this post live in this neighborhood and are working together to make West River a better place. We have planted trees, cared for the International Peace Garden and Monitor park. We do frequent cleanups and are in the process of stepping it up a notch. If you want to hear more about what "our kind" is doing then I invite you to email me at and lets set a time to talk or you can join us at our monthly meeting this Tuesday, July 27 at 6:00p.m. in the Community Room at 730 George Street.

Again thank you for your contribution to our neighborhood.

Fixed!!! (but will need regular attention.)

It had to be the Parks Department. They did a really good job. Hopefully next year we'll be able to help them out through the Greenspace program.

I am happy to close this item.

Actually it's in a good spot for another opening but might be too wide and the jagged edges need to be fixed.
A bit touchy are we DTTP?
This is still happening.