• 6-46 E Main St Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Construction dumpster placed in road on Francis street. This street is narrow enough without blocking half of it.
  • 50 Shawmut Ave Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Why is it that CMS can't clear the roads properly? To have both a back hoe and loader following each other on a small road such as this is absolutely absurd! Talk about wasting tax payer money. Why no sander too? To wake up to a skating rink after that little snow yesterday is unacceptable. EVERY ROAD off Church st a mess. The city was taken care of much better before Ghiloni. It makes me not want to pay my taxes if they will be so mismanaged like this. Don't waste our money paying big equipment to push an empty blade, spread them out and use a city truck next time.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    73 Rice St Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Still parking on the sidewalk daily...is anyone doing anything about this? Do I have to do something myself and knock on his door and ask him why he keeps doing it? Please take SOME KIND of Acton here. This is getting pretty rediculous. He should be towed!!
  • Parking issue Archived
    66 Rice St Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    This has been commented on before, but it's still an issue. This is an unregistered car blocking the sidewalk. The sidewalk cannot used at this point especially if you are either handicapped or pushing a stroller. Very unsafe, please help. I don't know if the answer is a ticket, or removal of the vehicle, but they don't seem to care as this has been an issue going on over a year now.
  • 66 Rice St Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    This resident consistently parks blocking the entire sidewalk! Completely unsafe for traveling down the road. I had to push my infant in her stroller off the sidewall and into the street to get by. If we got hit by a car I don't know what I would do. Please leave them a warning or a parking ticket to deter this from happening in the future. It is a narrow road with a fair amount of traffic, and close to the crest of the hill, a very dangerous situation.