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  • Colvin And Amherst Buffalo, NY - Park Meadow
    Signal for pedestrian crossing doesn't work on an intersection notorious for unyielding drivers.
  • Walden And Union Cheektowaga, NY - Cheektowaga
    I went to cross Walden at Union yesterday and the button is behind a fence! Seven lanes of traffic and you can't press the button. This is due to construction of a Guitar Center on the corner.
  • 2200 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY - North Delaware
    Heaping piles of bird feces combined with broken glass and trash makes this a terrible place to walk in the city! Please send whoever is responsible to clean this to clean this, ASAP!
  • 1 White Rd Buffalo, NY - University at Buffalo North Campus
    Several bikes attached to sign posts on the west side of Ketter Hall. Please install a bike rack.
  • Putnam Way Buffalo, NY - University at Buffalo North Campus
    Multiple bikes affixed to parking sign outside NW corner of Bonner Hall, could use a bike rack installed.
  • Diefendorf Loop Buffalo, NY - University at Buffalo South Campus
    Ongoing construction interferes with vehicles traffic on the West side of Diefendorf parking lot. Vehicles must back down drive lanes in parking lot to exit if parking spaces are full. Safety hazard.
  • 1661-1669 Hertel Ave Buffalo, NY - North Park
    Garbage Totes are being stored out front in 'patio' area, and they've been there for a while now. Today the totes were overfilled and a bag must have broke and spilled. The trash was all over the sidewalk and street. It was there in the morning and again at night.
  • Sweet Home Road Buffalo, NY - Erie County
    It's awesome that the Town of Amherst has put bike lanes in. Not so good is the fact that they're covered in debris (dirt, rocks, etc). At one point there was even a banana peel. If they stay as bad as they are cyclists are just going to ride in the traffic lanes. Can't you run a street cleaner through?
  • Hertel And Parkside Buffalo, NY - North Park
    Two-times in two-days I've been passed on the shoulder by reckless drivers on Hertel Avenue. This is in addition to the number of vehicles running red-lights and not yielding to pedestrians. Some sort of traffic calming measures NEED to be implemented on Hertel Avenue. Pedestrian and driver safety is as risk here!
  • Hertel And Colvin Buffalo, NY - North Park

    Due to the amount of crimes lately, it would be nice to see an increased police presence on and around Hertel Avenue both day and night.

    See https://www.facebook.com/groups/165318518234/ for details!

  • Vandalism Archived
    Traymore And Hertel Buffalo, NY - North Park

    From NPCA: Yesterday walking down Hertel between Traymore and Linden all the shops had nice flower planters out in front of their stores. It looked really nice for the neighborhood. Now this am someone took the liberty of dumping them out on to the sidewalk. Such a sad sight to see.


  • Hertel And Voorhees Buffalo, NY - Starin Central
    It would be nice to have a marked pedestrian crosswalk somewhere between Starin and Parker, crossing Hertel. Considering these are technically unmarked crosswalks (aka legal to cross) why not mark them so that motorists know when they should yield?
  • Delaware And Amherst Buffalo, NY - Park Meadow
    Amherst Street heading westbound at Delaware really needs better signage/markings. It would greatly benefit from a left-turn only lane and ease driver confusion while approaching the intersection. As it stands, it's difficult to determine whether it is one or two lanes and whether or not you should be towards the left or right or in the middle.
  • Taft And Voorhees Buffalo, NY - Starin Central
    Patrons of the Colonie Lounge are always producing excessive noise in the vicinty of Taft and Voorhees. Loud car stereos and yelling/fighting in the street at all hours of the day reduce the quality of life for area residents. It would be nice to see enforcement in the area.
  • Millersport Highway And Eggert Road Amherst, NY - Erie County
    Too many people speed along this stretch of road. Unsafe passing, weaving in and out of traffic, and running red-lights are all prevalent. Please provide better enforcement!
  • 92 W Ferry St Buffalo, NY - Buffalo
    What's the deal with the so called "Riverwalk" here? NO one cleans up after themselves. The garbage cans are overflowing and bag-less. Trash that is put it just blows out. Fishing garbage (packaging, line, etc) is everywhere. Saw one child urinating off the bike path. This is ridiculous. Who owns the park? Who enforces the rules at the park? People need to be responsible for the mess that they create!
  • Parkside And Depew Buffalo, NY - North Park

    From NPCA: [W]hat do we do to even begin addressing the complete disaster that is the Parkside/Linden/Depew intersection?? That is the gateway between the Parkside and North Park neighborhoods, yet it is a pedestrian AND driver's nightmare.

    For drivers, there are no lines in the road as drivers treat Parkside as 4 lanes, even though it immediately cuts back down to 2. Only 1 small "road narrows" sign is hung in an inconspicuous spot with no street markings. There are no turning lanes or arrows on Parkside which backs up traffic and creates speed jockeys to get around turners.

    For pedestrians there are no curb cuts, no crossing lights, completely warn away "crosswalk" paint, road medians that protrude into the middle of the crosswalks with no cut outs, and that's all if you can make it across since the lights are not even timed long enough to navigate the expansive intersection.

    Once you get past those landmines as a pedestrian, and you actually make it to the bridge underpass, you are greeted with low hanging, unkempt tree limbs and a leaking bridge from above and muddy, poorly drained sidewalks below. A sidewalk that is barely wide enough for one person let alone 2 or with a stroller. Then at the point you meet someone coming the opposite direction you are either forced down the 8" curb into oncoming traffic, or someone has to completely wait at the top for the other to pass. That doesn't even include the issues encountered when trying to walk the underpass in the winter when the city hopefully carves a 2.5ft path in the snow to "walk" down.


  • 3980 Bailey Ave Buffalo, NY - Erie County
    The building was torn down and now the grass is like 3 feet high. Not being maintained.
  • Lasalle Park Buffalo, NY - Waterfront
    Not sure who's responsible for this one, but it's a mess! If the city owns it they need to clean it. If they don't they need to at least have someone there to prevent all the littering.
  • Hertel And Norwalk Buffalo, NY - North Park
    The streets and sidewalks in the North Park community are a mess! Who is responsible for cleaning/maintaining them? Whoever it is, is not doing it! It's embarrassing the number of cigarette butts in the road and on the sidewalk!