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  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    4368 Graduate Cir Houston 77004, United States - Southeast
    Garbage and tree waste
  • 4300-4360 Faculty Ln Houston, TX 77004, USA - Southeast
    Several reporting but this has to relate a water boil alert? Our water is only trickle out of residential pipes.
  • 3899 Holman Houston Texas - Southeast
    Several potholes formed where children, bus, bikes all collide at intersection. Please fix these three holes
  • 5122 Calhoun Road Houston Texas - Southeast
    Please mark these lanes no parking for bicycles (you know solid white stripe with narrow lanes), pedestrian or bikes. I have towing company on speed dial and this is our neighborhood path to get from Brays Bayou to MacGregor Park. Our only means to go to crosswalk. The apts (View II) management will allow street parking, so fix this! Families need to be able to use. In the evening rush both sides are loaded with parked cars on our path to U of H or back from MacGregor Park/Tennis. We want access to these lanes here. Enforce rules for our neighborhood safety.
  • 5317-5335 Scott Street Houston Texas - Southeast
    Fix this please. You have a 10" curb (bullnose) in the median of a pedestrian crosswalk. Wheelchair and older pedestrians, bicycles have to walk into westbound North MacGregor lanes of traffic to cross street. They do not and can not get over this concrete. This is an insane intersection for everyone with the walk/bike path across the street. Stop doing this with pedestrian intersections in Houston, but fix our neighborhood crosswalks around Brays Bayou walk/bike paths. I would like the names of the Engineer, Inspector, Councilperson, and Contractor that used our tax dollars to complete this intersections. It has no compliance to safety and poorly maintained. This is our third report and attempt to have attention here.
  • 1001 Bissonnet Street Houston, Texas - Rice

    Pedestrians (e.g. old folk, wheelchairs, children, bicyclist) have to dodge vehicle traffic turning rapidly into parking areas by this crosswalk obstruction.

    What is wrong with this City is that it obstructs traffic in favor of motor vehicles. Bicycles have to avoid parked cars in dedicated lanes and engineers put these barriers to discourage pedestrians. Safety compliance.

  • 4361 Graduate Cir Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Your city truck had a hole on the side of it and collecting our garbage driver was dumping literally @#$% all over our subdivision yesterday. Please fix as it is a health concern for our animals and children here. Four piles on our street and many more around other streets like Fiesta and Rockwood. Inspect and fix leaking trucks.
  • 4410 Rockwood Dr. Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Mattress set was intentionally delivered to curb after CoH curbside pickup of junk waste 6/16/2016 and owner has not removed or updated and expects to let it sit there for 2 months. Also junk is within and blocking no parking equipment sign.
  • Water Quality Archived
    Brays Bayou Hike And Bike Trail Houston, TX 77004, USA - Southeast
  • Pothole Archived
    3893-3899 Holman Street Houston, Texas - Southeast
    A large pit has developed here and where children , buses, intersection are involved. We need this escalated.
  • North Macgregor Way Houston, Texas - Medical
    Everyday traffic backs up on MacGregor and vehicles try to impede into lane (cut), would it be easier to set two right turn lanes on MacGregor to turn onto Holcombe to solve this.
  • 3541 N. Macgregor Way Houston, Texas - Southeast
    I may have missed it, a foot/bike bridge crosses into MacGregor and no stripes or signs to indicate traffic crossing for these guys. Driving and some guys didn't have a crosswalk to make it. Please stripe and set some signs to warn us.
  • 4359 N. Macgregor Way Houston, Texas - Southeast
    At bus stop, you will see water leaking for right-a-way. I thought sent this in (April 17th). But I don't see a ticket or resolution to it. Please review for assurance another ticket. Thank you.
  • Other Archived
    3414-3498 North Macgregor Way Houston, TX 77004, USA - Southeast
    Streetlights in both directions is there but all have not worked after bayou construction or improvements this pass fall, second report. Curve and dangerous with guys crossing to bus and nearby Scott.
  • Pothole Archived
    4341 North Macgregor Way Houston TX 77004, USA - Southeast
    This was ARCHIVED, when will it be fixed. West bound lane is crumbling and 40'+ cracked with 3" to 6" gutter or curb in tire track for right side of vehicle.