• 21st And Franklin Richmond, Virginia - Shockoe Bottom
    The trash can in front of Mt. Crapmore/Richmond Hill is overflowing. Also, there's an upside-down couch on the other side of the street (in front of the brick building that's being renovated), that's been there for weeks.
  • East Grace Richmond, Virginia - Chimborazo
    The trash can at the dog park is overflowing once again. There's also standing water in some of the broken plastic pools near the trash can. How is this not a health hazard?
  • 29th E Grace Richmond, Virginia - Chimborazo
    A large tree fell a couple of days ago and brought down with it a power line. It's down at the Chimbo dog park, about 50 feet away from (still overflowing) trash cans.
    Photos of the actual power line attached in the comments.
  • 29th E Grace Richmond Virginia - Chimborazo
    The trash cans both near the big and the small dog run are overflowing, and there is a broken orange dog pool+a bag of trash sitting on the top of the stairs near the parking lot.
  • 2100 East Main Street Richmond, Virginia - Shockoe Bottom

    Extensive gang-related graffiti in the alley behind 2100 East Main Street.

    As of 12/29, the issue is still there.

  • 2100 East Franklin Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Overflowing trash can (90% dog poop bags) at the base of the stairs leading up the hill.
  • Other Archived
    2100 East Main Street Richmond, Virginia - Shockoe Bottom
    Two dead crape Myrtles in the tree wells up the 21st Street from where Globehopper coffee house used to be. Third one is barely hanging on.