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  • 1408 7th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Uptown Neighborhoods
    The white fence is not the proper set back from the sidewalk it's not allowing enough space for a motorized handicap vehicle to travel up on the sidewalk I recently had difficulty with my motorized scooter for my disability passing this location as well as there are overgrowth in the palm trees and dead palm fronds compare this to 991 Melrose Avenue South
  • 1960 4th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association

    it is unexceptionable to close this case as it is visible from the main road the extensive rot and missing tiles and leaning pilings and rotted rooof tie ends that this is closed the outside structure the rear of the main structure has visible rot and wholes also there are numerous ares of asbestos tiles missing from side of structure I will take close up pictures of this and provide it to the the news for there story

    to the media and all concerned homeowners example of bias compare directly identical issues to case number Case Number : 13-00008704 and the same type damage as 991 melrose ave s demo case and 945 melrose ave demo case
    include in class action lawsuit perfect example of how the city will turn a blind eye in one area and demo in another

  • 1830 42nd Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Harris Park Neighborhood Association
    inoperable vehicles