RVA on the canal

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  • 12th And Byrd Streets Richmond, VA - Central Office
    Is this from the canal or the recent reno/demolition of the building near the flood wall. Noticed the smell around 5am
  • Very Dark Archived
    321 South 10th Street Richmond, Virginia - Central Office
    Very dark on 10th Street between Byrd and the Haxall Point bridge on the left side. Not sure if there are lights out or if there aren't enough lights. The dumpster for The Locks is on 10th St and it's very dark if you are taking out your trash or just walking your dog.
  • LIGHTS OUT Archived
    Canal Walk/Browns Island/10th And Haxall Point Richmond, VA - Central Office
    7 lights out on bridge from 10th St to Haxall Point; 4 lights out on Canal Walk in front of Troutman Sanders on Haxall Point; too many lights out on Browns Island to Count!