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  • 2411 Hill Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District B
    There is a mirror on the side trail at Hill St. Park that has been broken into a million pieces. I pick up trash on that trail every weekend but I am not going to risk cutting my hands to shreds to pick that up. It is very dangerous for pets and kids to have that broken glass there. Also, it looks like people camp out there and drink, based on the number of bottles I find there every time I go down that path. It looks like there is another unbroken mirror off in the bushes in that area that needs to be taken away.
  • 3100-3108 Skycrest Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District B
    I could not find the appropriate category for this but just wanted to raise the issue that crossing Skycrest at Hill St. (to get to the city park on Hill) is becoming increasingly perilous. The speed limit is only 35 on Skycrest but people generally go much faster. I'm not sure if the extra traffic is due to the new city buildings in the Brentwood and Raleigh Rd. area but it is very difficult to cross that street now in the morning and afternoon. There is a pedestrian xing sign on either side of the hill but they don't seem to do any good. I have to cross with dogs and/or a toddler all the time, kids wait for the bus at that crossing and it is getting rather dangerous. Is there anything that can be done about this intersection? Even one of those mobile trailers with the flashing "your speed is" sign might help.
  • 2609 Layden Street Raleigh, NC - Southwest
    Our Hertford Village neighborhood has has an increasing problem with off-leash dogs and a growing number of cats that roam the neighborhood. Recently my husband and I were walking our two dogs and one of our dogs got viciously attacked by an off-leash pit bull that belonged to a family on Layden, that often keeps the dogs chained up, and they get loose as a result. We were finally able to pull the dog off ours (and thankfully no one got hurt) but it was a very scary situation. At that particular house there seems to be an inordinate number of dogs cycling through the house and the children have talked about how they are breeding them to fight. Is there anything we can do about this?