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  • Traffic Signal Out Acknowledged
    2800 N Talman Ave Chicago, IL 60618, USA - Avondale
    All lights out on talman from diversey going north. Second night in a row. There are kids on this street and it is dangerous!!! People are using cell phone ones to light the sidewalks when walking.
  • 2800 N Talman - Avondale
    All street lights are out on Talman from diversey going north.
  • 2800 N Talman Ave Chicago, IL 60618, USA - Avondale
    CDOT started work on our street that was to be completed on 12/27/16 then the signs were changed to completion date of 1/3/17. The work is still not done and our alley is blocked at both exits onto talman and onto washtenaw. Our town homes use the alleyway to exit from our garages. Please finish the work immediately as this alley should be clear. If work cannot be completed there should be a board placed at both alley exits to allow vehicles to use the alley until the work is done. Snow is expected in the next few days and this is causing stress on the only exit that is available in the middle which is used by multiple residents already and it is becoming over crowded.
  • 1255 N. Noble Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 32
    Near parking lot entrance to the south of St. Stans school building, large potholes need to be filled for kids safety.
  • 2800 N. Talman Chicago, Illinois - Avondale
    Rats seen climbing wall on Unit O and P. Caught one in a trap last night. Need baiting.