Rank: Heman Civic Points: 7,825
  • 1730 New Brighton Blvd Minneapolis 55413, United States - Windom Park
    Crosswalk on northwest corner (by Erbert & Getbert’s) and southeast corner (by cemetery) is covered by a 2 foot wall of snow. Please clear curb cuts. Trail crossing is not accessible.
  • 962–998 Se 18th Ave Minneapolis 55414, United States - Southeast Como
    Reported a while ago in case #373894 that the traffic light on northbound 18th Ave SE at Como Ave doesn’t sense people on bikes. Was advised to wait behind the stop bar to trigger the light. I tried it and it doesn’t trigger the light after waiting over 3 minutes. Light only senses automobiles. Please fix.
  • 500–546 20th Ave S Minneapolis 55454, United States - Cedar-Riverside
    Traffic signal does not detect bicyclists. I waited behind the stop bar on the southeast corner of northbound 20th Ave S (in the bike lane) at Riverside Ave on top of the bike signal activation logo for five signal cycles and it never sensed me. No button to press from the bike path. It only changed when an automobile stopped at the light. Please fix.
  • 52 8th Ave Ne Minneapolis 55413, United States - St Anthony West
    Someone moved the snow off the curb-cut (awesome) but shoved it into the street and bike lane.
  • 1314–1316 University Ave Se Minneapolis 55455, United States - University District
    University Ave bike lane covered in pile of snow.
  • 910 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis 55403, United States - Downtown West
    Bike lane covered in pile of snow.
  • 2700 University Ave Ne Minneapolis 55418, United States - Columbia Park
    University Avenue bike path entrance/exit curb cut at 27th Ave NE is blocked by snow pile and “sidewalk closed ahead sign”. Hoping we can have the detour sign moved off the middle of trail so trail plows can plow the part that is still open.
  • Hennepin Ave Minneapolis 55401, United States - Downtown West
    Hennepin Ave bike lanes full of snow and snow boulders between Washington Ave & Main St.
  • 600 N 5th St Minneapolis 55401, United States - North Loop
    The beg button to cross N 5th St at N 6th Ave does not work. Pedestrian cycle not triggered.
  • 1800 Como Ave Se Minneapolis 55414, United States - Southeast Como
    Northbound 18th Ave SE at Como Ave traffic light does not recognize bicycles, and there’s no beg button from the street. Pedestrian walk lights along Como count down and then reset.
  • 2015 Central Ave Ne Minneapolis 55418, United States - Windom Park
    Not sure if this is MNDOT or the City of Minneapolis. There was utility and curb/sidewalk completed last year and the northbound bike lane hasn’t been repainted on Central Avenue between 20th Ave & 22nd Ave. Looks like it was marked for painting but was missed.
  • 811 4th St Se Minneapolis 55414, United States - Marcy Holmes
    Parked in bike lane.
  • Traffic Sign Repair Acknowledged
    233 Park Ave S Minneapolis 55415, United States - Downtown East
    Construction sign/trailer placed in bike lane.
  • Pothole Archived
    1251 Washington Ave N Minneapolis 55401, United States - North Loop
    Very deep and small sinkhole (or water main cover?) on eastbound Plymouth Ave before Washington Ave in the right turn lane. Rode over it and it physically hurt my wrists. Please fill.
  • 901–923 18th Ave Ne Minneapolis 55418, United States - Logan Park
    Truck consistently parking on the path.
  • 1382 Willow St Minneapolis 55403, United States - Loring Park

    I think these northbound lanes on Lyndale/Hennepin Ave between Oak Grove St and Dunwoody Blvd are being repainted incorrectly Each year.

    After the Lyndale/Hennepin reconstruction a few years ago, a bumpout was added at the northbound bus stop farside of Oak Grove, reducing the number of auto lanes and adding sidewalk/trail space. North of Oak Grove, a one-way buffered bike lane was added past the bumpout as well, and connected to the northbound Hennepin bike lane into downtown.

    After the 2017/2018 winter, the old lane markings were more visible than the bike lanes, and I think they were mistakenly repainted as a auto lane instead of a buffered bike lane. The bike symbol still exists in the middle of the lane just south Harmon Pl, and the bike lane still exists just north of Oak Grove for about 50’.

    Please repaint as a bike lane and remove the sign that says “lane ends merge left” at the Harmon Pl driveway.

  • 1706 Lincoln St Ne Minneapolis 55413, United States - Northeast Park
    Stop sign on southeast corner of Lincoln St NE and 18th Ave NE has been temporary sign for fall and winter. Snow holding it in place has thawed. Hope it can be made permanent soon. Thank you.
  • 39–57 Plymouth Ave N Minneapolis 55411, United States - North Loop
    “May Use Full Lane” bike lane construction sign is blocking the entire bike lane when the bike lane is no longer closed ahead. Lane covered in snow pile because snow plow went around it sign. In the future, I hope these signs can be placed somewhere else, like the bike lane buffer zone or the boulevard. Thank you.
  • 59–107 Plymouth Ave N Minneapolis 55411, United States - North Loop
    Snow in bike lane on Plymouth between 1st St N and West River Pkwy, and 8th Ave NE between Ramsey St and University Ave NE.
  • 351 27th Ave Ne Minneapolis 55418, United States - Marshall Terrace
    Bike lane filled with snow.