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    The Se Kwang Baptist church is under rezoning for acquisition by Pulte. Since this started the church has failed to do any maintenance on the yard or vegetation. The weeds measure 2 to 3 feet tall along the sidewalks. As the church is still in use until the sale finishes this eye soar has to be addressed as it completely detracts from the other areas immediately around that are maintained, clean, and under control.
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    I am a bit confused on a reported problem that is archived but I would like to readdress.

    In the ticket, the concern of operating a business out of a residence is addressed. In the commentary, the excessive paving / concrete in the front and side yards is also a concern shared.

    In another issue reported

    "Per the City's Zoning Ordinance, specifically Section 27-766(b)(7) -

    Parking shall not be permitted within the front yard in any single-family residential lot, except within a driveway, or in a roofed carport or enclosed garage. Within any single-family residential (R) district not more than thirty-five (35) percent of the total area between the street right-of-way line and the front of the principal building shall be paved, On any lot where adequate width exists so as meet the geometric design standards of the Institute of Traffic Engineers, a circular driveway shall be permitted, subject to the total driveway coverage authorized herein. However, no parking spaces or parking bays shall be established within any such front yard.

    To answer the question presented by the concerned citizen - Parking within a front yard of a residential (single-family) property is not permitted on grass/lawns. Additionally, PAVING of the front yard is limited to a maximum of 35 percent. A front yard is defined by the Zoning Ordinance as the "area extending across the total width of a lot between side lot lines and being that area between the street right-of-way lines and that line or lines established by the front wall or walls of the principal structure projected to intersect the side lot lines." Simply put, the front yard is the area defined by the front property line, side lot lines, and the front facade/wall of the residential dwelling."

    Is concrete not paving? Is this home not in more then 35% as defined above? Are these not parking spaces as noted?

    I understand it looks nice besides massive concrete but what processes does the city have in place now to ensure this does not repeat without city approval if the 35% applies?


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