Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 2,280
  • 2107 Grove Valley Ave Palm Harbor, FL, 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    grass is almost 2 feet high
  • 1624 E Orangeside Rd Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    This camper has blocked the sidewalk for months. it is never moved.
  • 2119-2135 Citrus Hill Lane Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    home is in disclosure. yard not maintained, grass and pool
  • 1027-1099 Nebraska Avenue Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    downtown palm harbor has a new historic value with toilet bowls marking the entrance to a parking lot, which has no legal drive entrance to begin with.
    Plus they are on the sidewalk. Grumpy's bar has given Palm Harbor a new piblic Porta John. just don't park between the signs you will be towed, from a legal public parking spot.
  • 2100-2298 East Citrus Way Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Street signage is broken.
  • 2103 Citrus Hill Ln Palm Harbor Florida - Palm Harbor
    This lawn hasn't been mowed in months. It's an eye sore for our neighborhood, it's at least a foot high.
  • 2820 U.S. 301 Riverview, Florida - US Congressional District FL11
    Existing sink hole on the south side of Beacon Groves Blvd in palm harbor. Cross street is us 19. A large area of ground sunk in about 20 feet deep and is 6 feet from road.
  • 2103 Citrus Hill Ln Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    This boat has been blocking the side walk for months. Now a truck parked on it and garbage is dumped in the road. This is disgraceful for our community.
  • 2104 Citrus Hill Ln Palm Harbor - Palm Harbor
    Property not maintained. Empty house for almost a year. Grass trees fence brush all in very poor condition.