• Public Works Acknowledged
    205 Harper Dr Saline, MI, 48176, USA - Saline

    The tree roots on the extension side of the sidewalk has pushed up the cement and there’s about a 2” high lip. If I had some orange paint I would have painted it.

    Someone could get hurt. I’ve forgotten about it when walking and have tripped myself twice on it.

  • 1000-1010 East Michigan Avenue Saline, Michigan - Saline

    The entrance into the Oaks Plaza off Michigan Ave between the BP gas station and Subway has a stop sign prior to crossing where Hopper St wraps around the parking area. People are constantly running this stop sign, and I was almost hit the other day by a vehicle that did not stop.

    My mother-in-law was T-Boned a year ago by a car that ran that stop sign and her car was totaled - thankfully she was not hurt.

    I would think if a police officer sat in the parking lot and wrote tickets for anyone that ran that stop sign, they could generate a lot of revenue. And hopefully prevent another accident.

  • 422 East Michigan Avenue Saline, Michigan - Saline

    It's always been difficult for southbound traffic on Maple to turn left onto Michigan Ave, since they have to wait for the northbound Old Creek traffic to clear. With the additional traffic rerouted onto Henry St now, the line of traffic coming up to US-12 from Old Creek is solid, and the waiting traffic at Maple wanting to turn left onto US-12 can only increment 1-2 vehicles at a time.

    A good idea would be to sync the traffic light at Old Creek & Henry with the northbound light from Old Creek. The northbound traffic at Old Creek could be green while the southbound light at Maple and US-12 would be red. When the northbound light off Old Creek turned red, THEN the light for the southbound Maple traffic would turn green and southbound Maple traffic could clear easier and create less of a traffic jam.

  • 49-55 Tower Drive Saline, MI 48176, USA - Saline
    Please enforce blight code for 55 Tower Dr.