• State Street & Humphrey New Haven, CT - SOHU
    Has anyone heard anything about this perv who is caucasian, with long white hair, heavyset, who was masturbating against the window of my car with the daughter inside? Police were called but heard no follow up. He was very aggressive, had to threaten with a rock to get him to leave the area. Not your normal perv. Women in the area beware. Or men, for that matter.
  • Wooster Square Park New Haven, CT - Wooster Square
    Oh, this'll cause a furor, but there are so many large dogs and many people have multiple dogs that the park really is just a very attractive dog toilet. Can't we have one little section cordoned off just for use by humans? I never want to sit on the grass there, knowing what a toilet it is. C'mon, dogs, share a little.
  • Wooster Square Park New Haven, CT - Wooster Square

    Why not have people of see click fix have a get together in the park, after the farmer's market, for potluck or wine and cheese, whatever,, just to meet up, since we seem to want to make the area a better place to live.

    I'd like to meet you all, and I'll go to the groomer's that day and won't snarl at anyone. Kookie the Feral Catlady

  • 515 Chapel St. New Haven, CT - Wooster Square
    There has been some intermittent use by teenagers who don't look like residents of the hood to conduct some drug transactions, smoke weed, and have a little hook up in the lot when few people are around. They're very young, and telling them to get out inspires more filthy acts. Yuck.
  • 512 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Wooster Square
    Come on, dog owners. This hood is plenty dog friendly. Sure, you pick up the solids, but who picks up the liquid? I'd have a fit if I knew how urine soaked that ground was and my kid was playing on it. Sorry, kids come first. Not your dog.