Road Runner

  • 2-36 Roma Street East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven

    cars are parking along the entire sides of the streets during games up to the corners and stop signs creating hazards for anyone driving these streets and turning. The CT state statue is no parking within 25 ft of a stop sign.

    Please enforce these rules with warnings or posted signs to increase the safety for all pedestrians in this area.

  • 40 South End Road New Haven, Connecticut - East Haven

    There is blind corner (mostly driving north from E. Haven to New Haven) without any shoulder. cars take this corner well over the speed limit and pose a hazard to all pedestrians, runners, biker, etc on the roads.

    Please consider lowering the speed limit here (and enforcing it!), adding warning signs, and/or widen the shoulder.

  • 334 Main Street East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven

    It appears as if this light's crosswalk timing is off. Frequently we push the button and wait thru numerous cycles where all ways proceed through the light more than once without the crosswalk lighting.

    Please fix this timing issue