Neartown Neighbor

Rango: City Fixer Mga Puntong Sibiko: 3,595
  • Smith & Elgin Houston, Texas - Midtown
    Pedestrian countdown signal stuck on "11". Has been visible like this for at least a week during the AM. May impact other times as well.
  • Nuisance On Property Inilagay sa Artsibo
    1539 Hawthorne Street Houston, Texas - Montrose
    Couch dumped on West side of property (facing Mandell St). Sitting for several days. Heavy trash pickup is next month.
  • 2609 Dunlavy Street Houston, Texas - Montrose
    See photo
  • Traffic Signs Inilagay sa Artsibo
    1700 Hawthorne St Houston, Texas - Montrose
    Crosswalk marked with stripes but no Yield signs results in cars often narrowly missing pedestrians in the walkway crossing Dunlavy.
  • 1644 Hawthorne St Houston, Texas - Montrose
    Driveway paving extension underway at 1644 Hawthorne St, 77006. An on-line search for paid/issued permits turns up no relevant filings for this house. This is a repeat violation in a second area -- paving was done in February of 2015 and the owner was found to have several additional violations at the time of inspection. Additionally, Percent Impervious may exceed 75% requiring stormwater detention per Houston Building Code.
  • Traffic Signals Inilagay sa Artsibo
    3762-3798 Montrose Blvd Houston, Texas - Montrose
    At Montrose and Alabama. Pedestrian walk signals for East-to-West not activating with button pushs or in no r Mal light cycle. Saturday 11:00am.
  • 1641 Hawthorne St Houston, Texas - Montrose
  • Nuisance On Property Inilagay sa Artsibo
    1655 Hawthorne St Houston, Texas - Montrose
    Grass and weeds well in excess of 9 inches. Sidewalk in disrepair. Trash littering property. Jeep parked on grass in front yard. One block from Lanier Middle School.