Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 2,575
  • 2544 73rd Avenue Oakland, California - Eastmont
    There seems to be a great deal of construction going on behind the metal door at what looks like the old soul beat or school that burned down here before. While passing by the metal door was open and there are several mobile homes parked very close to one another. The is trash and debris every where. People are living on what was a burned down school lot with no running water. Last time people were allowed to squat here a fire broke out and a friend of mines home was burned severely. she and her family had to relocate for over a year and a half. Someone from the city should check things out to make sure there is no Ghost Ship type activities going on here as I don't recall there being a mobile home park in this neighborhood ever.
  • Hillen And Madera Oakland California - Maxwell Park
    Stop sign is missing. There is no stop sign. There is no red at the corner and on occasions where the church is having a gathering folks park on the corner. If there was a stop sign here they would have to park normal a few feet away from the corner. There is no incentive to stop without a stop sign. I often see neighbors go right through when making a right or left turn with no regard for traffic coming up or down Madera. It poses a safety hazard and there should be a sign and painted corners.
  • 2878 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland California - Upper Dimond
    Huge crater on Macarthur in the street heading toward Coolidge. I had to dodge the entire thing by pulling to the left. Otherwise my whole tire would have went into the hole in the ground. I may be off by a few feet with the map but you can't miss it.
  • 1009 66th Ave Oakland, California - Lockwood Tevis
    Aspire charter school on 66th ave. had the city paint the curb in front of their school red limiting parking to the community. This an already crowded neighborhood with limited parking. There needs to be a sign like in front of the rest of the schools that states "no parking between 8am-4pm" This would remedy the residents and visitors to this low-income area getting expensive parking tickets The curb should have never been painted red and a school should not have been placed on a street with two-lane street without a traffic study being done in the 1st place.
  • 5500 Bancroft Avenue Oakland, California - Seminary
    Right behind apt building across from the auto body shop. Trash litters the entire sidewalk. You cannot even walk down the side walk. Someone is dumping and trying to blight a neighborhood that is already messed up. Looks like someone from a neighborhood close by dumped their old stuff
  • 4207 Broadway Oakland, California - Temescal
    This building has been abandoned. It is littered with Graffiti. Big eye sore. Needs to be addressed.
  • Garnet Oakland, California - Temescal
    The entire street from Broadway to Emerald needs to be repaved. Toyota should pay for it. They have heavy traffic through there for deliveries and auto repair. The entire street is littered with holes and depressions.
  • 2500 Church Street Oakland, California - Bancroft Business-Havenscourt
    Large pot hole almost popped a tire this morning. This street is raggedy and needs to be fixed. Pics to follow
  • 6475 Foothill Blvd Oakland, California - Bancroft Business-Havenscourt
    Old cars that don't move have been here for months. This issue leaves people with no where to park. Their remedy double park or park in the middle of the street. I suspect these old cars are coming from the neighboring auto repair centers. but the cars need to be tagged and towed. It is a hazard the to through traffic and the Ac Transit buses that come through there daily.
  • 2845 64th Oakland, California - Frick
    The school is flanked with old cars that I suspect are coming from the neighboring auto repair centers. Especially along the foothill side of the school where the kids wait for the bus. Let's do what we can and give the kids a nice start to the school year and clean it up. Tag the cars and have them towed. I have seen the cops, tow trucks, and the sweeper come through but month after month these same cars are still there.
  • Other: Trees ADIは、
    4618 Allendale Oakland, California - Maxwell Park
    The trees at Maxwell park need to be trimmed. the trees there hang over into the street. A branch fell in the middle of the street this morning. please trim the trees at Maxwell Park
  • Other: Trees ADIは、
    3000 Courtland Oakland, California - Maxwell Park
    Overgrown trees slaps passersby in the face and blocks free access to the sidewalk. Trees need to be trimmed.
  • Other: Trees ADIは、
    4343 Virgina Ave Oakland, California - Maxwell Park
    Low hanging branches. Tree needs to be trimmed branches hanging low enough to hit people on the head as they pass by.
  • 4331 Virginia Oakland California - Maxwell Park
    Raised uneven sidewalk. The sidewalk is a trip and fall hazard. Picture in post is not an actual picture but an example found on the internet.
  • 4343 Virginia Oakland, California - Maxwell Park
    Raised uneven sidewalk. The sidewalk is a trip and fall hazard. Picture in post is not an actual picture but an example found on the internet.
  • 4419 Penniman Ave Oakland, California - Maxwell Park
    This house looks run down & old. Occupant seems to be doing some sort of construction. Occupant may be storing hazardous material in the open & in a residential neighborhood. Work trucks double parked in the middle of the street. Cracked driveway & sidewalk possibly due to storing & operating heavy equipment on sidewalk. Left over construction materials in the front yard. (1) Blight upon neighborhood & property. (2) Cracked sidewalk poses a tripping hazard, puts residents & city at risk. (3) Hazardous materials may harm small children & pets in the area.
  • Crater Alert Archived
    4450 Penniman Ave Oakland, California - Maxwell Park
    Big hole in the street poorly paved. Needs to be repaved. Tearing up every body tires & suspension.
  • 4508 Penniman Ave Oakland, California - Maxwell Park
    Bad neighbors double parking in the middle of the street. Garbage truck forced to squeeze through just to pick up garbage. Bad neighbor has about 4 cars parked on the lawn & takes up most of the parking on the block. Only moves on street sweeping. Unregistered cars up & down the entire block. Neighbors operating as car dealers & mechanics on residential streets. Old brown car currently parked in red zone. Rabid out of control pit bull gets out quite frequently (1) Property & neighborhood Blight (2) Unregistered cars or expired tags. (3) length of stay in parking spots (4) Rabid pit bull that growls at people passing by. Some nights pit bull roams free not locked up at all. White pit bull brown spots gets out frequently.
  • 2116 Seminary Avenue Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Seminary
    Looks like an apt/house was cleared out & just left on the street. The mess has been there for over about a month. At first it just looked like someone was moving but now it's everywhere. Please clean this up. Someone may have a wreck this stuff is in the street.
  • Pothole Archived
    2100 57th Avenue Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Seminary
    Large pot hole impossible to avoid. Can easily cause severe tire damage or damage to a cars under carriage.