• 560-598 Heath Road Merion Station, Pennsylvania - Lower Merion township
    Perhaps nothing can be done except add a line of nails down the middle of Heath but every time someone turns off of Bowman onto Heath they trigger the traffic signal and we all have to sit there for absolutely no reason. I often wonder if they don't realize what is happening or if they are doing it on purpose.
  • 15 Saint Asaphs Road Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania - Bala Cynwyd
    They did trim them back once when they redid the entrance/exit but they have been overgrown for some time and people have to pull out into the right lane of St. Asaphs Road to see if there is any traffic.
  • 317-321 Montgomery Avenue Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania - Bala Cynwyd
    There should be a sign and cops should stop and ticket these people who keep crossing this very busy street. I drive through this stretch 4 times every weekday and I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen people, even families, stuck in the middle. Just cross at the light!! They almost deserve to be hit. Especially with cars speeding down Montgomery and having to wind there way through that area.
  • 637 East Lancaster Avenue Wynnewood, Pennsylvania - Ardmore
    There are three lanes on E. Wynnewood Road at the intersection with Lancaster Ave and the left two go across (they have to move to the right a bit as they cross). I have been cut off so many times by people in the middle of the three lanes crossing into the left lane on W. Wynnewood as they don't realize what is going on. Could you add some simple dotted lines to help those who have not crossed the intersection before?
  • Eagle Road And Darby Road Havertown, PA - Havertown
    I am really surprised that there are no accidents here, especially in the mornings. Trying to make a left from Darby to E. Eagle has always been problematic partially because you cannot see around cars sitting in the opposing turning lane due to the angles. Unless there is a break in the traffic coming towards us (which will happen after a few lights), the norm is to wait for the light to turn yellow and then red (there is generally a car coming through the yellow late) and then for two cars to turn left on red. There is a green arrow for the left turn coming towards us, so why can't one be added in the opposite direction?
  • 203 City Avenue Merion Station, PA - Wynnefield
    Driving on Route 1 / City Line Ave there are big portions in Montgomery County where the traffic lines are almost gone or completely nonexistent.
    I know that there can be trouble getting snow plowed off of it due to it being a state highway. Is that the same reason the white lines are not being kept up?