• 901-999 Central Ave Chester, PA, 19013, USA - Chester
    Drivers disregard Carla’s Lane as a one-way street and find it convenient for entering 9th St. There needs to be a do-not-enter sign for the final block, or at least put a stop sign on Carla’s Lane at 9th St so cars don’t just sail into the traffic.
  • I-476 S Springfield, PA, 19064, USA - Havertown
    PennDOT, your good idea has gone very wrong. As southbound I-476 approaches U.S.1 a third driving lane temporarily opens on the right-hand side for slower traffic to move over and allow other traffic to move unimpeded. That was the idea anyway. In actual practice the right-hand lane is only used by aggressive drivers who try to pass as many vehicles as possible from the right before cutting back in after this 1.1 mile drag strip. There is a simple solution. PennDOT should re-stripe this section to shift the driving lanes to the right and add the third lane as a passing lane on the left. This would be so much safer than encouraging aggressive drivers to pass on the right.
  • Pothole Archived
    1117 Morton Ave Chester, Pennsylvania - Chester
    Deep pothole on narrow stretch of eastbound Morton Ave (Rt 13) between Johnson and Terrill Streets causing traffic to swerve out of lane.
  • Swarthmore & 7th Aves Folsom, Pennsylvania - Folsom
    This offset intersection sometimes confuses northbound drivers on Swarthmore Ave, causing them to blow thru the stop sign at 7th Ave and stop a few yards later at Melrose Terrace. A simple white line across the lane at the stop sign would be helpful. See pic.
  • Fairview Road Woodlyn, Pennsylvania - Woodlyn
    Can someone dispatch the street-sweeper to remove the thousands of cigarette butts along the center curb of the left-turn lane on westbound MacDade approaching Fairview?
  • 1501 Concord Ave Chester, Pennsylvania - Chester
    The stop sign on Northbound Concord Ave at Tilghman St needs an extra sign on the post to warn that oncoming traffic does not stop. It is dangerous to have cars turning in front of you at speed when you expect them to stop. For that matter, Tilghman St doesn't have a stop either, and that also merits a warning for NB Concord drivers going straight. Maybe the sign shoul say 1-way Stop.
  • I-95 South At Exit 4 (Us-322) Chester, Pennsylvania - Chester
    Out-of-state drivers proceeding south on I-95 are often fooled into making a quick lane change and exit at US-322 (Exit 4) when they see a distant sign on the ramp for traffic entering I-95 South. I have often seen cars swerve onto the exit, only to merge right back into 95 less than a quarter mile further on. Just as often, you can see drivers come to a complete STOP between lanes at the Exit 4 fork, and you just know they are wondering which way to go for 95 south. Most of this could be avoided if we had a sign showing I-95 with a straight arrow placed before southbound Exit 4.
  • 122-198 Macdade Boulevard Folsom, Pennsylvania - Folsom
    School children and other pedestrians cannot easily access the Ridley Township public library, township offices, or the police station. They must walk quite a distance in the travel lanes of a busy driveway that carries automobile traffic all day long and police cars constantly hurrying off to handle emergencies. There is plenty of room to install sidewalks, and that is exactly what the township should do to show it cares about pedestrian safety and comfort.
  • Delaware Expressway Chester, Pennsylvania - Chester
    Weeds growing higher than the guardrail prevent northbound drivers and merging traffic from seeing each other in a timely manner. This adds even more danger to an already treacherous on-ramp. Cars are constantly stopping at the bottom of this ramp because they run out of room while trying to merge. If the weeds were gone everyone would have an extra 100 yards and several more seconds of visibility to merge more safely. (Drivers will recognize this as the last northbound entrance ramp just before I-476, the Blue Route splits off.)
  • 621 Sutton Avenue Folsom, Pennsylvania - Folsom
    It is very rare to find this style of storm sewer grate. It is capable of trapping a bicycle wheel and killing the rider. That is exactly why they have been replaced everywhere else. Ridley, you are on notice now for this hazardous condition. Please fix. (This photo is not the actual grate, but is included just to put the issue in context).
  • Rt 320 & Baltimore Pk. Swarthmore, PA - Springfield
    Despite a recent improvement that lets northbound 320 traffic know they can turn left after the protected turn arrow goes out, there is still a problem. All left turn traffic comes to a sudden dead stop while the light turns red for one second before the full green comes on. This is counter-intuitive and dangerous.
  • 305 Swarthmore Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    Traffic attempting to turn onto west-bound MacDade Blvd from Swarthmore Ave are permitted to turn right on red, but cars from the used car lot must park close to the street and allow no visibility of on-coming traffic. As much as I hate to say it, this should be a no-turn on red. It is too dangerous, and sooner or later someone will feel pressured into making this turn at the wrong time, causing a serious accident.
  • Barry Bridge Appr Chester, PA 19013, USA - Chester
    On east-bound 291 a sign for the new I-95 ramp seems to direct traffic to make a right-turn onto a dead-end side street. Every time I go by I see traffic on the side street making U-turns.