City of Canton Zoning Department

  • 932 4th St Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    The usual- pallets being piled up on the property and on a trailer.
  • Other Open
    2421 Baldwin Ave Ne Canton, OH, 44705, USA - Canton
    Bushes running along the north side of the property are over grown and blocking the visibility of the intersection of 25th & Baldwin NE.
    The Street Dept needs to address this issue.
  • 3824 Shanabruck Ave Nw Canton, OH, 44709, USA - Canton
    Caller states grass was not mown last year so it's bad now, so high it's laying over. No one lives in the home.
  • 2245 15th St Ne Canton, OH, 44705, USA - Canton
    Caller states high grass especially in the back yard. Believes someone lives at the property.
  • 3205 9th St Sw Canton, OH, 44710, USA - Canton
    Caller stated neighbor is stock piling junk up against their fence. Dirt, trash, old household items, old grill, also junk stacked by the steps leading into the home. Tree limbs laying in piles. Fence belongs to neighbor to east plus some property beyond the fence.
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    906 Walnut Avenue Northeast Canton, OH - Canton
    THIS IS A VACANT LOT OWNED BY THE CITY! The address used to be 906 Walnut NE but house has been removed. This is parcel # 226510. This vacant lot is a prime parking area for the folks at 902 Walnut NE. They have been advised to stop parking on this lot- but the property owner states there is a pile of trash on this lot that is drawing rodents to the area. Trash and tree limbs stacked near the rear of the lot.
  • 5018 Market Avenue North Canton, OH - Canton
    Caller states property owner has wood stacked against the house, piled to the roofline of the home, all the way around the house. No problem with people stock piling wood for a wood burner but this is excessive and an eyesore!
  • 819 22nd Street Northwest Canton, OH - Canton
    Caller states property owner changing 30 day tags on vehicles then parks on street. Vehicles do not belong to the property owner or his family residing at the home. Does vehicle repair work and keeps vehicles on property / now parks on street.
  • 819 22nd Street Northwest Canton, OH - Canton
    Caller states tree limbs and leaves all over the yard. Started to clean up but left in piles. Debris (junk) on the back porch- rug hanging for years, other items on porch for at least a year. Old shed / tree house sitting for years- old mattress inside- no door so you can see inside.
  • 2319 Indiana Way Northeast Canton, OH - Canton
    Pick-up truck parked in front of this address, has at least 2 flat tires and appears to have been sitting for awhile.
  • 615 High Avenue Southwest Canton, OH - Canton
    Neighbor states house has no gutters or downspouts so all water run off comes south onto their property. The house is full of holes, the attic and possibly the 2nd floor is open, windows are broken out, and birds are living in the upstairs of the home. NOTE: A LOT of birds! (watch where you park!)
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    2015 Bryan Avenue Southwest Canton, OH - Canton
    Behind this house and the south neighbor at 2017 Bryan SW - they seem to let their trash sit out and animals go through it- remains are on the ground. The whole alley looks bad from this trash blowing around.
  • 3817 Edgefield Avenue Northwest Canton, OH - Canton
    Caller stated these people have put in a garden at the very back of their property. They brought in dirt to fill in and have mounded the dirt against the back fence- which is shared with a neighbor. Because of the weight of the dirt, the fencing is bowing out and will be ruined soon.
  • Open Dumping Archived
    3235 Cleveland Avenue Northwest Canton, OH - Canton
    Received a call that at the rear of the soon-to-be vacant Quonset Hut store- furniture was pushed over the hill into the deep ravine behind the businesses. This may have happened some time ago but they wanted to report it.
  • 2249 15th Street Northeast Canton, OH - Canton
    Caller states garage collapsed after a recent storm and the house is in bad shape too. Both need accessed and possibly demolished.
  • Fences Archived
    624 Garfield Avenue Southwest Canton, OH - Canton
    6' high wooden fence on south side of property fell during wind storm- hit neighbors garage, downspout. They propped up the fence on the neighbors side and they're tired of the mess. Fence is an eyesore, in bad shape and needs replaced. BE AWARE- they have large dogs! The dogs can get out of the fenced back yard when they want to. BE CAREFUL!
  • Open Dumping Archived
    1725 Regal Avenue Northeast Canton, OH - Canton
    Caller stated resident at 1725 Regal is dumping his tree debris and other yard debris next door on a vacant lot where a home had burned and was demolished.
  • 1223 Clarendon Avenue Southwest Canton, OH - Canton
    Caller stated retaining wall is falling down and needs attention. Tires in the driveway. General clean up of the property is needed.
  • 1424 Seneca Place Northeast Canton, OH - Canton
    Caller states the roof is falling off of the back of the house- it was an addition to the main home. There is a "shed" on the property with no sides but full of junk. Whole yard is full of junk plus the property owner owns 3 - 4 more parcels of land around the house but doesn't maintain any of it- including mowing. Also the garage is falling inward.
  • 1320 Oxford Avenue Northwest Canton, OH - Canton
    Caller stated roof replacement started in 2018 but never finished. Debris all over the property and on the roof. Old mattress on the site, old roof shingles, old car been sitting for awhile.