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  • 819 25th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Crescent Heights Neighborhood Association
    A Vagrant was just spotted setting up camp on the dilapidated deck of the abandoned property at 819 25th Ave N.
    There was previously a fence that separated the back yard from the alley but the yard maintenance crew knocked it down to get their lawn tractor through.
    This property was abandoned ~8years ago and has a host of code compliance, safety and security issues.
    The problem with the homeless people using the back yard is ongoing..
  • 819 25th Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida - Crescent Heights Neighborhood Association
    The property located at 819 25th Ave. N has been vacant for ~5 years. There are numerous code compliance issues on this property, including issues structural problems with the dwelling and garage. Of particular concern are the front porch structure and the rear deck roof. They both pose a serious threat to public (and vagrant) safety. This property is not secured and vagrants have been reported in the backyard. One girl was sitting on the deck under the roof when my neighbor told her to leave. The roof over the rear deck collapsed ~2 years ago. The front porch roof is so rotten that an unsuspecting person delivering flyers, for example, could push it over just by leaning on it. These are safety issues that were previously reported and need to be corrected before someone gets seriously hurt.