• 2117-2115 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California - Oakland
    Meter ID # MC2100-1
    in front of addresses: 2117 and 2115 MacArthur Blvd, Dimond district, Oakland; error message frozen on screen, will not reset, will not take credit card, will not take paper money. Please repair a.s.a.p. - the merchants on this block are suffering, b/c of the inability of customers to park! Thank you, Oakland DPW!
  • littering Archived
    Intersection: Dimond And Macarthur Oakland, California - Upper Dimond
    Posted just now on our Dimond listserve: "...a woman pulls up to the stop sign at Dimond and MacArthur, opens her driver's side door and drops a big bag of garbage into the street, continues across the street, and parallel parks, like there was nothing wrong in that. I took a bunch of pictures of her and her car. She asked me what I was doing, and I didn't want to interact with her. She was pretty indignant. AA Female; 2-door silver Intrigue, no back bumper; CA Lic. # 4YIM306