• Alley Pothole Complaint Được thừa nhận
    660 E 85th St Chicago, IL, 60619, USA - Chatham

    FIRST REQUEST JUNE 28, 2019:

    SECOND REQUEST today June 9, 2020.
    Damage Starting at 85th Cottage Grove driving west AT ALLEY. PROCEED TO ALLEY BEHIND 660 E. 85th Street. This problem has been going on for over 12 years. Extensive Damage

  • Alley Pothole Complaint Đã lưu trữ
    660 E 85th St Chicago, IL 60619, USA - Chatham
    There is extensive damage to the alley behind 660 E 85th St. The alley starts at 85th and Cottage Grove and ends behind 660 E. 85th St.
  • Entire City Of Chicago That House Seniors And Children Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 1
    To many drivers in the city refuse to come to a complete stop for seniors and children at STOP SIGNS. iF YOU WANTED TO GENERATE MORE REVENUE, PLACE CAMERAS AT THESE STOP SIGNS, AND WATCH OUR DRIVERS REFUSE TO FOLLOW THE SIGNS.
  • 6900 - 7000 South Crandon Avenue Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    There is an excessive amount of dog feces left in the yards on this entire block, something should be done about dog owners who allow their dogs to leave feces in the yards, and then walk away. What is this world coming to. We need more signage and cameras on the blocks and in the alleys. There are too many dog owners that contribute to this problem. This may resolve the rodent problems we have in this city. as well as generate revenue,
  • Street Light 1 / Out Đã lưu trữ
    1400 East 71st Place Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    The streets and sanitation came to cut down a tree. Afterwards, the lights went out on the entire block. They have been out since Friday.
  • Building Violation Đã lưu trữ
    6820 South Oglessby Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    Obviously, the scavenger service either has not been paid or building management
  • 7100 -6800 S Crandon Avenue Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    There is a tremendous amount of ice on the streets, side walks, building complexes,and alleys. Trying to understand would it be benefical to be sued if someone falls, or pratical to replenish the streets, side walks, alleys, and building complexes with salt.
  • Street Light 1 / Out Đã lưu trữ
    8300 S. Cottage Grove - 8300 S. Stoney Island Ave Chicago, Illinois - Avalon Park
    There are no street lights starting at 8300 S Cottage Grove thru 8300 S. Stoney Island
  • 3060 West 127th Street BLUE SLAND, Illinois - Blue Island
  • 6800-7100 South Crandon Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    The ICE is dangerously thick and slippery in the alleys on Crandon, Its hard to walk to garages, and empty garbage. Can we get some salt trucks to take care of this problem
  • Street Cut Complaints Được thừa nhận
    6700-7100 South Crandon Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    Not sure when this project began maybe around August of 2016. No knowledge who started the work; or who is responsible for (water, gas, or streets and sanitation) completing repairs.
    The responsible party did manage to remove their work gear, i.e., cones, and other gadgets. Will the City of Chicago be responsible for vehicle repairs from residents? This could have been resolved
    (Street pave) prior to the arrival of the snow and ice.
  • Tree Debris Đã lưu trữ
    6750 S crandon, Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
  • Tree Debris Đã lưu trữ
    6900 South Crandon Avenie Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
  • 6900 - 7100 S. Crandon Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    We need to have the water checked in this 5th ward community.
    just as a safety measure.
  • 1419 East 71st Place Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    This will be my second time alerting the COC about the water on the street and in my basement. Someone came out to look at the situation, but they did not have time to rectify it. There is a pipe broken under the street in front of the home at 1419 E. 71st Place and its causing the basement to back up with water, and waste.
  • Street Light 1 / Out Đã lưu trữ
    6700 -6800 Paxton Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
  • Alley Light Out Đã lưu trữ
    6914 South Crandon Avenue Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    The alley between Crandon and Oglesby Avenue, is unlit starting at 6900 thru 6914. Not sure which light pole is not working, cannot tell because its so dark back there.
  • 6918 South Oglesby Avenue Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    People are discarding mattresses and old clothes in between two buildings in the alley between Oglesby and Crandon Avenues.
    Since this building has no tenants, there is no scavenger service that picks up rubbish.
  • 1300 East 71st Place Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    What is with dog owners in the community? If you can afford to own a dog, you should be able to purchase an Arm & Hammer Dog Waste Shovel Rake & Bin Poop Scoop Set at Target for $19.99. It's going to become warmer real soon. Dog waste is not a good look City of Chicago, please POST SIGNS INDICATING THERE IS A FINE FOR LEAVING YOUR DOG WASTE ON THE SIDEWALKS AND IN THE STREETS FOR SOMEONE TO STEP IN!!!
  • Tree Debris Đã lưu trữ
    1427 East 71st Place Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    Behind 1427 East 71st place, neighbors are using the back of this house for a garbage dump. The city promised they would remove the tree debris on April 30, but nothing has been done.