Jay Blazek Crossley

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  • Traffic Signals Archivado
    988–998 Sawyer St Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    Intersection at Washington and Sawyer has no pedestrian crossing signals at all? A dense walkable place like this should have pedestrian crossing phase for all green lights without the need for beg buttons. Crossing could be vastly improved by narrowing road also. But at least signals?
  • Street Hazard Archivado
    1018 Fairview St Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
    Restaurant encourages patrons to park cars on the sidewalk. Also has built new unnecessary parking lot, but has no bike parking.
  • Traffic Signals Archivado
    1304 W Alabama St Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
  • 1005-1099 Rusk St Houston, TX 77002, USA - Downtown
    The traffic light you can see in the picture as yellow is pointing the wrong way. This is a one way street and no one drives the direction it is pointing for. I think it just got turned around the pole.
  • Traffic Signals Archivado
    528 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
  • Traffic Signals Archivado
    6218 Memorial Dr Houston, TX 77007, USA - River Oaks
  • City Engineer Archivado
    4005-4199 Koehler St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    New sidewalk at the Alta West End new construction is not up to code at only 4 feet wide. More appropriate for this density construction would be 8 to 10 feet, but code requires at least 6. Needs to be fixed before landscaping is applied.
  • Street Hazard Archivado
    1508 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
    Vehicles completely blocking pedestrian transportation system.
  • 3601-3661 Eastside Street Houston, TX 77098, USA - River Oaks
    There is a dead animal in the middle of Eastside between the two buildings right there. I think it's a possum
  • Street Hazard Archivado
    3572-3598 Lake Street Houston, TX 77098, USA - River Oaks
    Car parked in sidewalk. Appears that this business, Greenway Animal Clinic is using the sidewalk as a parking spot. Yellow parking bumper needs to be removed and sidewalk needs to be clearly delineated from parking lot.
  • Allen Parkway At Montrose - Montrose
    The high water warning sign is flashing red and was like that this morning as well, but there is no high water.
  • Street Hazard Archivado
    3303 Richmond Avenue Houston, TX 77098, USA - River Oaks
    Sidewalk impassible from parked cars.
  • Street Hazard Archivado
    918 South Shepherd Drive Houston, TX 77019, USA - River Oaks
    This brand new sidewalk violates city code and appears to be only four feet wide. All sidewalks are required to be 5 feet. Work should be stopped and redone.
  • Street Hazard Archivado
    1431 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
    Vehicles parked in sidewalk. No clear safe path for pedestrians. This appears to be this businesses plan however.
  • Traffic Signals Archivado
    3301-3399 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77098, USA - River Oaks
  • Street Hazard Archivado
    3601-3661 Eastside Street Houston, TX 77098, USA - River Oaks
    Crossing Richmond by wheelchair (or walking) is hazardous here. There are no ramps in the north south direction and shockingly there are no sidewalks on either side of the street on Eastside leading up to a public park within walking distance of a high school. I had to travel in oncoming traffic in the street to get to the office building parking lot.
  • Street Hazard Archivado
    3939 Kirby Drive Houston, TX 77098, USA - Montrose
    No pedestrian or wheelchair access to front door of this restaurant or any of those in this shopping center except via automobile driveway with no markings or safety treatment for those willing to risk the journey from the public sidewalk.
  • Traffic Signals Archivado
    2321 Southwest Freeway Service Road Houston, TX 77098, USA - Rice
  • Street Hazard Archivado
    2253-2299 Southwest Freeway Service Road Houston, TX 77098, USA - Rice
    Big hole in middle of sidewalk with no cover. Looks like a three foot drop. Simply careless it seems. Seems impassable by wheelchair, but I'm going to try to pass by if carefully on the side.
  • Street Hazard Archivado
    2201-2203 Southwest Freeway Service Road Houston, TX 77098, USA - Rice
    Now that I made it through the dirt in my wheelchair to the crosswalk, I finally can see that the freeway underpass is simply a ramp to more dirt and there is in fact no way to cross this freeway in a wheelchair unless I push myself all the way up to kirby and only if the sidewalk is actually there. Why is there no signage for pedestrians and wheelchair users informing of this dangerous situation before you try to get to the crossing?