Paoli driver

  • U.S. 422 Norristown, PA 19403, USA - West Norriton
    In the left lane of 422 w on the bridge before the Trooper Ave exit, water builds up whenever it rains, causing cars to hydro plain and/or splash a larger amount of water over the barrier into oncoming traffic
  • 1217 Old Lancaster Road Paoli, PA - Tredyffrin Township
    Trim Trees on the Septa Parking Lot side of Old Lancaster Road. When you are turning left from Glenn Avenue onto Russell Road, the trees block the view of oncoming cars on Old Lancaster Rd
  • 101-199 Lincoln Highway Radnor Township Cdp, PA - Radnor Township
    Trim bushes on North Side of Lancaster Avenue, near the corner of Bellevue, between Bellevue and Wyen Ave. When you are turning right from Bellevue to Lancast Ave, it is hard to see the traffic on Lancaster because the bushes block the view.
  • 254-342 Bearhill Rd Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Paoli
    At the intersection of 252 south and Maple Ave, there should be a "do not block intersection" sign, and a left-turn only sign for the left lane of 252 south, just before it goes under the underpass. If people on 252 south wouldn't block the intersection (which is illegal), and wouldn't try to merge from 2 lanes to one while in the intersection, it would be safe to make a legal left turn from Maple Ave onto 252 south. By having the left lane be for left hand turns only for about 100 feet, it would be safer to turn into Friendship Park and Maple Avenue, and people would be forced to merge before they are in the middle of the intersection.
  • Maple Avene And 252 Paoli, PA - Paoli
    Cars on 252 are constantly blocking the intersection here, making it difficult to turn from Maple Avene onto 252. In addition, left lane on 252 Sot should be turned into a "left turn only lane" just before this intersection
  • 18 E Lancaster Ave Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Paoli
    Left turn traffic light is bent so that the traffic in the left hand turn cue cannot see it