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  • 1 October Hill Holliston, Massachusetts - Holliston
    Same issue as below...parking in the intersection! this was Sunday 4/3
  • 1 October Hill Rd Holliston, Massachusetts - Holliston
    Pics from Saturday 3/26
  • 1 October Hill Rd Holliston, Massachusetts - Holliston
    Her is a pic from Sunday 3/20
  • Parking Open
    1-33 October Hill Road Holliston, Massachusetts - Holliston
    2nd pic
  • 1-33 October Hill Road Holliston, Massachusetts - Holliston
    Every Sat. Mass fire arms customers line up their cars on Kuniholm dr.,They park up to and around the corner on October hill leaving no room around the stop sign/intersection. With all the truck traffic this makes for a dangerous situation, it is very difficult with a truck&trailer to turn right onto Kuniholm from October hill. This is a industrial park with more truck traffic than your normal roads.I would like to see cars parked around the stop sign ticketed.
    This happens every week end!
  • 62-98 Woodland Drive Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    There is a large amount of trash under the fence that separates the pike plaza & the access road to it( at the end of Woodland dr). This has to be attracting mice rats and all sorts of other wildlife.
    I know this probably isn't the town's property but there must be something it can do to get the DOT to clean & maintain this area.
  • Streetlights Archived
    Woodland-Brook St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    I love the new led lights in the woodland& brook st area, much better now!
  • Streetlights Archived
    68 Florita Drive Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    How would one go about requesting a street light be installed? Cars constantly "park" between my house and my neighbor in a blind spot under a telephone pole. They leave their trash all over the place after they are done smoking something that requires them to light it every few seconds .We call the police but it can take them a half hour or more to respond sometimes , frequently the cars are gone before police arrive.
  • 1-7 Main Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    On my homebound commute I have noticed a disturbing trend. Driving north on main st towards edgell rd, the traffic in the left lane on the bridge backs up waiting to turn left on to 9 west. I noticed it become more and more common for obnoxious drivers to use the right lane to pass the people waiting to turn left, they then stop at the green light put on their left blinker and wait to cut in. This idiotic maneuver holds up everyone trying to use the lane as intented to proceed straight on to edgell rd. Traffic is all ready backed up from this intersection all the way down franklin and union st. This illegall turn just exaggerates the already frustrating series of intersections. 2 weeks ago I saw this happen twice and 3 times last week.
    It is a pleasure to see the police watch from the bank on edgell as people are on their best behavior and yet they still have their hands full pulling over all the selfish drivers.
    Please continue to monitor this intersection during rush hour.