• Olive Street Oakland, CA 94621, EE. UU. - Arroyo Viejo
    i am still reporting a big problem in this zone, the parking lot is used like a big casino the people come here to drinking alcohol, gambling, they block the street, peeing in the street, a lot of dump, are 2 schools in the park , the recreation center is used for kids by the afternoon and with all these people in the parking lot is not a safe place for the kids, 2 years ago a girl was hit and died in the parking lot, Libby schaff and Desley Brooks what are you doing for Oakland and the zone 5????
  • Olive Street Oakland, CA 94621, EE. UU. - Arroyo Viejo
    thah place looks like a city dump, the trash has been there for more than one month, but the problem is more than one year, people come to throw garbage early by the morning or late by the night, there are tires, furnitures, pails, clothes, abandoned cars, the parking lot in Arroyo viejo park is the biggest city casino, people make pipi in the sidewalk, parking in the red spot, the park's fields are used as motorcross tracks, you never see the police for that part, they pass by and do nothing, where is our city council? Desley Brooks do something, work for your people!!!!!!!
  • 2406 Ritchie St Oakland, California - Arroyo Viejo
    In Arroyo Viejo Park the parking lot is closed to set up a table to gambling then the folk has to park in red zone. A lot of dumping furniture in the park. Every day this neighborhood turns worst, we never see a police car by this place if they come do not do nothing.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    2422 Ritchie St Oakland, California - Arroyo Viejo
    Ultimately both streets looks with a lot of garbage, furniture, the parking lot is used for gambling. Folks go to leave their used furniture there