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  • 800 Tc Jester Blvd Houston, Texas - Greater Heights
    Concrete spills and gravel on TC Jester bridge south of 11th street SOUTHBOUND by the concrete company using the UPRR under the bridge as a batch plant. The bridge is a mess all the time. It's a wide outside lane for bikes but it's impossible to ride in.
  • Traffic Signs Archived
    7328 Cambridge Houston, Texas - Medical
    Two bicycle signs obliterated by 18-wheeler attempting turn from VA Hospital about a month ago. Google map photo is historical.,-95.393138,3a,75y,180h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1segyQ6mHEJMB8qZBWSZA19Q!2e0!6m1!1e1
  • 1927-1999 Holcombe Boulevard Houston, Texas - Medical
    Large bike-pedestrian user area attempting to get safe access to Braes Bayou, Hermann Park, TMC, and points north, south, east, and west.
    Poor intersection design and poor traffic speed enforcement combine to make this intersection (with bike lanes) a probable cause for death and injury to people on bikes or feet.
  • 1755 Wyndale Houston, Texas - Medical
    Construction site has faulty SWPPP in place. Poor perimeter control and faulty inlet protection. Mud, trash, etc is dumping directly to the street. The current system is weathered, torn, and receives ZERO maintenance causing mud and debris to flow into Devonshire Place subdivision.
  • 2056 Holcombe Houston, Texas - Medical
    Grass and Weeds covering HIGHLY utilized sidewalk along Holcombe causing a dangerous situation for bike/pedestrian ingress-egress to the Texas Medical Center.
  • 8240 Cambridge Houston, Texas - Medical
    urban Living Developers have illegally posted several advertisement signs on the public right-of-way.
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    7010 Staffordshire Houston, Texas - Medical
    Commercial ground signs are not allowed in the public right of way.
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    1755 Wyndale Houston, Texas - Medical
    Mill Creek Construction, 1755 Wyndale
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    7020 Cambridge Houston, Texas - Medical
    Massive accumulations of broken glass, sand, gravel, asphalt, mud, and garbage in the BIKE LANES on Cambridge from Holcombe to Holly Hall due to GROSS NEGLIGENCE by the City of Houston. THe BIKE LANE has had no cleaning for AT LEAST 4 years.
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    8241 Cambridge Houston, Texas - Medical
    already reported on July 8. SeeClick Fix reported issue as fixed and requested a "thank you". I will thank you WHEN and only WHEN construction trucks do not destroy esplanade PUBLIC property.
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    2929 Westpark Drive Houston, Texas - West University
    Bike lanes on Westpark! Weslyan to Wake Forest need immediate removal of gravel, broken glass, overgrown weeds with thorns, large chunks of concrete, trash, debrie, and litter from cycling lane.
  • 8241 Cambridge Houston TX 77054, Houston, Texas - Medical
    at least 17 crew trucks parking daily on the esplanade which is an illegal act.
  • 7010 Staffordshire Houston, Texas - Medical
    overflowing dumpster partially in narrow street, missing environmental barriers to prevent construction material from flowing into sewer system, lack of street clean up.....
  • 1253-1299 Ella Boulevard Houston, Texas - Greater Heights
    2000+ riders will use this route this Saturday evening in the 41st Moonlight Bicycle Ramble.
  • 1902 Lauderdale Harris, TX - Medical

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    Status Closed
    This intersection has become very busy due to 18-wheeler onset into a formerly quiet neighborhood. At least 8 children below the age of 10 live within 200 yards of the missing sign. The user entered the address: 1900 Lauderdale, Houston, TX

    Date Raised 08/15/2013 08:22
    Raised against 1902 LAUDERDALE TX 77030

  • 1900 Lauderdale Houston, TX - Medical
    This intersection has become very busy due to 18-wheeler onset into a formerly quiet neighborhood. At least 8 children below the age of 10 live within 200 yards of the missing sign.
  • 7132 Staffordshire Houston, TX - Medical
    About 2 months ago, this sewer line was rebuilt by TOTAL SITE 11228 East Hardy Road, Houston TX 77093, Phone: 281-219-0663. We have NEVER had this problem before and I have lived here 20 years.
  • 1900 Woodbury Houston, TX - Medical
    Sadly, this has been reported several times with NO CORRECTIVE RESULTS!
    Issue ID: 513686
    Viewed: 43 times
    Neighborhood: Medical
    Reported: on 2013-05-09
    Service Request ID: 11050
  • 1910 Woodbury Houston, Texas - Medical
    Over approximately a year, Pelican Builders had condoned the destruction of this esplanade by its subcontractors even when they were first requested to erect barrier fences by Devonshire Place Neighborhood Association prior to construction.
  • 1914 Woodbury Houston, Texas - Medical
    abandoned hole in esplanade by utility company for over a year. Hole contains many cables with bare wire. Don't know if a child can be electrocuted.