• Road Issue Archived
    601-643 N Betty Ln Clearwater, FL, 33755, USA - Clearwater

    The railroad crossing on N. Betty Lane between Eldridge St. and Jackson Rd.right next to the entrance to the Clearwater Country Club needs to be repaired. You cannot drive over at the posted speed limit without damaging your vehicle.

    This has been reported to the City of Clearwater twice and they state "We have it posted as a rough crossing with warning signs. Only the railroad can repair and they actually made it the way it is.", and "That is why the rough crossing signs were posted so that motorists were given a heads up. Unfortunately the railroad does not always play nice. We are working on a plan to redo the approaches but we have to get railroad permission."Both of my reports were over a year ago.

    This has also been reported to CSX but I received no reply as of yet.

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