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  • Pothole Archived
    4476-4498 Long Gate Pkwy Ellicott City, MD, 21043, USA - Ellicott City
    The exit off Rt 108 westbound (going towards Rt 29) onto Long Gate Parkway finds a very large pothole just beyond the exit on Long Gate Parkway.
  • Pothole Archived
    5305 Hesperus Dr Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    Pretty deep
  • Pothole Archived
    5030 Eliots Oak Rd Columbia, MD, 21044, USA - Columbia
    At the speed hump at this intersection of Broken Oak and Eliots Oak, as you go towards Rt 108, there is a large car rattling pothole on the border of the street and speed hump.
  • Pothole Archived
    Twin Rivers Rd Columbia, MD, 21044, USA - Columbia
    On Twin Rivers heading out of the mall right beyond the 4 way stop sign at Broken Land is an ever enlarging pothole. It is on the apartment building side, not the townhouse side of Broken Land.
  • Eliots Oak Rd & Harpers Farm Rd Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    the traffic signal at this intersection is only green for eliot's Oak for about 10 seconds and then it's red. That's way too short.
  • 5121 Rondel Pl Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    I reported this in 2011 (have pictures) and it was filled. It's now 2018 and the patch and surrounding ground is again slowly sinking or subsiding and the area now appears to be larger and moving towards the crest of the street.
  • 5305-5323 Hesperus Dr Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    tree blocking sidewalk
  • Tree Concern Acknowledged
    5601-5639 Harpers Farm Rd Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    fallen tree blocking one lane
  • 4983-4987 Eliots Oak Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    If you are heading towards Rt 108 on Elliots Oak and stop at the marked white line in the left lane, you cannot see oncoming traffic. To see traffic, you must pull almost into the street as visibility is blocked by growth. That makes people in the right hand lane not able to see if it's safe to turn right. It's already a dangerous intersection, but improving the sightlines for turning left by eliminating or cutting back blocking growth would help make it safer for both left and right turns.
  • 5121 Rondel Place Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    This was initially reported in July of 2011. There was a depression in the street that was slowly growing bigger. The fix was to patch it and bring the depression back up to street level. It's sinking again, holding water after rain. It's above the water and sewer leading to the house. Just putting you on notice that something is causing that spot to slowly sink.
  • 5115 Hesperus Drive Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The Rondel PL sign has been bent and partially made right again, but could use a hand to be straightened out.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    5149-5199 Hesperus Drive Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Tree hanging over road and street light. Was reported earlier but apparently not the right way to be seen.
  • 5129 Hesperus Drive Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Tree is covering party of the driving lane and threatens the street light.
  • 5375 Iron Pen Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The cover (Howard County Water) for the water connection at or about this address is located in the sidewalk and is falling into the vault, creating a hazard for anyone walking.