Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 4,130
  • 3807 39th Ave Oakland, California - Upper Laurel
    a bit of everything: couch, dressers, boxes, trash
  • 3725 39th Oakland, California - Upper Laurel
    EBMUD fixed a water main leak last week but now the width of road is starting to sink and buckle
  • 3681 39th Ave Oakland, California - Upper Laurel
    CA plate: 7FXH413
    silver nissan altima missing entire front end, flat tires, tickets on windshield. been there for several weeks.
  • 3704 39th Ave Oakland, California - Upper Laurel
    2 mattresses, furniture and various junk blocking sidewalk
  • 3676 39th Ave Oakland, California - Upper Laurel
    abandoned dark gray/silver volvo sedan has been on the street for over a week. the bumper has fallen off, tires are flat.
  • 3685 39th Ave Oakland, California - Upper Laurel
    several cubic yards of garbage. furniture, mattresses etc
  • 3535 35th Ave Oakland, California - Laurel
    graffiti and blight on the entire taco bell property. surprisingly more of an eyesore than the old taco bell building itself.
  • Graffiti Archived
    4251 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California - Laurel
    large silver and black graffiti on windows and walls facing macarthur
  • 3765 39th Avenue Oakland, California - Upper Laurel

    for several weeks someone has been living in a motorhome on 39th ave between masterson st. and bayo st. generally in one parking spot for a week at a time. saturday night the motorhome was vandalized or burgled leaving broken glass on the street and sidewalk. exactly what i expected to happen and i fear will continue to escalate. time for this to go!

    the image below is similar to the actual vehicle.