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  • 2502 Bayview Drive Alameda, CA - Alameda
    Sight distance issue associated with driveway location, as well as existing tall fence and landscape.
  • Taylor Avenue West Of Webster Street - Alameda

    Please review options provided by the Council Member Daysog below and let us know rough cost and number spaces gained as outlined below by tomorrow noon.


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    Date: 5/2/16 11:01 AM (GMT-08:00)
    To: Shahram Aghamir , VIRENDRA PATEL
    Subject: FW: 1435 Webster -- more from Daysog

    Hi Shahram/V, sorry to do this to you, but can you pls. take a quick look at this and give us a very high level sense of whether or not what is being talked about is do-able. I’m guessing not, since diagonal parking takes up way more space than people think. It would be great if Andrew could get any info. before tomorrow night’s Council meeting. I’m asking for very high level, not a bunch of work…(is there such a thing?). tx dp

    From: Janet Kern
    Sent: Monday, May 02, 2016 10:52 AM
    Cc: Jill Keimach
    Subject: 1435 Webster -- more from Daysog

    FYI, thoughts and input. Thanks, Janet

    From: Tony Daysog
    Sent: Monday, May 02, 2016 10:49 AM
    To: Jill Keimach ; Janet Kern

    I had a chance to sit down with Mr. Goldberg of the 1435 Webster Street project this morning. As I think about this project now, these are thoughts that are going through my mind.

    Thought: "What does 'victory' on Tuesday night, May 3 look like, to me?"

    Step 1. In *my* best of all worlds, first, we, the City Council, ask staff and the project proponent to look into placing diagonal parking in front of the project on Taylor Avenue side, nearest the Taylor Avenue-Webster Street intersection. The diagonal parking would extend only for the length of the project (not all the way down Taylor, iow), from the Webster Street-Taylor intersection inward along Taylor (in the direction of [but not all the way to] St. Barnabas). And, we do the same on the other side of the Webster-Taylor intersection in front of Nation's Burger. In placing diagonal parking on the north side of Taylor Avenue, we also consider removing parking from the corresponding south side, in an effort to free-up space to allow for easy in-and-out parking into and out of the diagonal slots. While the removal of parking on the south side result in a loss of parking, the *hope* is that the diagonal parking on the north side results in a tangible *net increase* of space.

    Step 2. While meant to satisfy the need for parking to accommodate retail space (i.e. currently there's a need for three additional retail-related space), the *net new increase* diagonal parking (ie total new diagonal space minus the space removed on the south-side of Taylor minus 3 retail-related parking) also count toward *night* time space for the nine residential units, in the chance that (as I think will happen) the 9 spaces on-site right now dedicated to serve the 9 residential units is not enough. The diagonal space counts as *night* time for the residential because, when residents come home after work, by six o'clock, the meters are off. (PS: that's what I do at my place).

    Step 3. Project proponent removes tree on the northwest corner, as well as configures the transformer slot in a way to accommodate two new parking slots on the project site itself. (As indicated by the project proponent, he might be able to re-size some of the existing on-site parking [ie squish] to increase parking by maybe one more, *independent* of the possible two new slots contemplated here). Also: removed tree is then re-planted at the Harbor Bay Business park to help Ratto Road resident there with light problem emanating from VF Outdoors project.

    Step 4. Project proponent implements "parking lifts" (ie stacked parking) at a minimum on a limited basis if Step 3 is not possible.

    All that i wrote above is not in place of project proponent's commitment to do "transit passes" -- he must still do that. And, all the I wrote above is not to say that we will decide, once and for all, on Tuesday night, May 3, that this shall come to pass. What I am hoping for is for staff to *analyze* the feasibility of all of this, in terms of engineering, cost and logistics (ie will sidewalks be wide enough for persons with disability, if somehow sidewalks are affected by creating the diagonal parking). If diagonal parking is implemented as considered above, what is the *net increase* in slots, and is it enough to, at a minimum, cover the need for 3 unmet retail-related space, as well as add *night* space for the 9 residents?

    It's completely possible staff will say, "you can do diagonal parking, but it's going to cost 'x', and its going to yield 'a' net increase in slots." To which I say, "Ok, fine, at least now I know my options."


    /s/ tony

  • 2152 Buena Vista Avenue Alameda, CA - Alameda
    Is the red curb in front of 2152 Buena Vista Avenue official?
  • W Trident Ave At Ferry Pt - Alameda
    Please replace stop sign and missing street name signs for W Trident Ave and Ferry Pt.
  • Mecartney Road West Of Baywood - Alameda
    Vehicles parking in the bike lanes. Walt Brenner, 337-9132
  • 2247 Encinal Ave Alameda, CA - Alameda
    Please restore the street sweeping sign on Light Pole #2247 to include Mon, Wed, Fri, Except Sundays & Holidays. It currently only says 4:00 am to 5:30 am. See WO 15-011 for reference.
  • Otis Drive West Of Park Street - Alameda
    Request to extended pedestrian barrier/railing on northside of street and install signage on both sides
  • Otis Drive At Regent Street - Alameda
    Resident is asking to remove the pedestrian paddle because it is impacting access to the two-way left-turn lane and thus his driveway.
  • Ferry Point At West Trident Ave - Alameda
    Install street name signs
  • Broadway South Of Otis Drive - Alameda
    Request to install sharrows. From Lucy Gigli, through V. Patel.
  • Blanding Avenue West Of Park Street - Alameda
    Restripe centerline. Request from V. Patel.
  • 2145 Pacific Avenue 94501 - Alameda
    Resident requests red driveway tips
  • 1100 Block Of Peach Street Alameda, CA - Alameda
    Request to remove street sweeping signs
  • 711 Constitution Way Alameda, CA - Alameda
    Speed survey request. Kirkland Newman, 827-8878
  • W Midway Ave Lexington to Monarch, 94501 - Alameda

    1. Restripe the centerline, whole segment.
    2. Restripe the edge lines at the curves/jog.
    3. Install object markers at the jog.

    Requested by V. Patel, APW.

  • 825 Taylor Ave Alameda, CA 94501 - Alameda

    1. Passenger loading zone. School valet program.
    2. Visibility at Taylor Avenue.
    3. Taylor Ave at Eighth Street. Request bulb-outs.
    4. Taylor Ave at EIghth Street. Request keep clear markings and signage.
    5. Taylor Ave at EIghth Street. Request advance stop bar.
    6. Taylor Ave at EIghth Street. High visibility crosswalks and four crosswalks.
    7. Taylor Ave at Ninth Street. Request advance stop bar.
    8. Taylor Ave at Ninth Street. High visibility crosswalks and four crosswalks.
    9. Central Ave at Eighth Street. Review signal timing.
    10. Santa Clara Ave at Eighth Street. Educational pedestrian light signs (don't begin walk on flashing hand).

    Requests from Kaley Lyons,

  • 401 Pacific Ave Alameda, CA 94501 - Alameda

    1. WB Pacific Ave at Fourth St. Request no left and no u-turn at specific hours.
    2. Pacific Ave at Marshall Way. Request all-way stop.
    3. Review all school signs and markings.
    4. Review Marshall Way speeds.
    5. SE corner of Pacific Ave and Fourth St. Request bulb-out for ped/bike queue to build up.
    6. Pacific Ave loading zone by driveway. Request changing red curb to white curb.

    Requests from Kaley Lyons,

  • Webster St At Atlantic Ave - Alameda
    On the southwest corner, there used to be a speed limit sign, Tree City USA sign, and Bicycle Friendly Community sign. However, they were not reinstalled after the AC Transit bus stop improvements.
  • 1898 Encinal Avenue Alameda, CA - Alameda
    "It will eliminate lots of car accidents and children and pedestrians could safely cross the street. There is lots of school traffic in morning hours + nights when school is dismissed - Plus the coffee crowd."
  • test Archived
    1537 Webster Street Alameda, CA - Alameda